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Dry patches on face, what to use?

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Roshbegosh Sat 30-Mar-13 18:45:43

Fostering a 12yo boy, will take him to GP as soon as I get an appointment but in the meantime, can anyone suggest a cream for bumpy and dried out patches on his face? There was one persistent dry area on his cheek with the skin peeling off, the size of a 5p coin, and now it has spread all over his face.

karenflower Sat 30-Mar-13 18:47:28

Aqueous cream 3/4 times a day use boots own magic stuff

Roshbegosh Sat 30-Mar-13 18:51:15

Will it give him spots? He is worried about getting teenage spots and he will be upset about this. He hates me to fuss, hates the doctor etc

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