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8 month extreme snuffles.... how long should a cold last?

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absandme Thu 28-Mar-13 07:20:04

Its minor but..... dd has had sticky green snot for 10 days or poss a few more. We have a karvol vaporiser every night, sometimes a couple of drops of olbas on a tissue in the room too.
DD not sleeping through now either as she has difficulty breathing & wakes up a little upset.
How long should a cold last in a baby? Not sure whether to pester a doctor or not. It's all day snuffles, not particularly wet either.
Any suggestions?
Thanks ;-)

YellowandGreenandRedandBlue Thu 28-Mar-13 07:25:44

I wouldn't go to a doc if the only symptom is snot, even if it has been ongoing.

There is nothing they can do for snot if it is just normal cold stuff. It could be two colds straight after each other, for example.

I would go if your child has a high fever, is pretty unwell in themselves or has a cough that doesn't shift or is getting worse, or any breathing issues. By breathing issues I don't mean a blocked nose waking her up, once she is awake can she breathe ok, she isn't gasping for air?

It is very hard for babies as they can't blow their nose. Keep an eye on her and if she seems unwell in herself or you feel worried, then go to the docs.

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