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Question for coeliac mums

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ClockWatchingLady Wed 27-Mar-13 16:05:24

Just wondered what mums with experience of coeliacs thought of this:

My DS (6) is on around the 9th centile for height, which is a bit shorter than you'd expect based on my and DP's heights (although still just about in the expected range given in the red book). Would this alone be enough to make you think of coeliacs? He was born on the 50th and dropped to 9th over a couple of years.

When he was 3, I got a blood test done because I was worried about height (GP said he wasn't worried, but ordered various things, like full blood count, thyroid and I think maybe coeliac antibodies - though there were so many things I can't remember), which all came back normal. He's definitely not underweight for height (on the slightly chubby side, though not overweight). No major tummy worries except that he can be a bit windy (this is not constant and may be related to diet - he eats loads of fruit and veg). Very occasional tummy ache but otherwise regular bowels etc. Was constipated as a baby but this went away with better fluid intake.

He has eczema, but basically he's well, energetic and happy.

In my position, would you push the coeliacs possibility and get him retested? (he HATES needles, so I'd be loathe to unless necessary). Or am I overthinking things?

Thank you for reading smile

cestlavielife Wed 27-Mar-13 23:22:22

If he has literally stopped growing then yes.
If he is following the line of ninth centile then no.
My dd dropped off the chart and did not grow for two years before being diagnosed coeliac ie she was growing in mm not cm for two years...

Look at his stomach and bottom. Is stomach distended and no bum muscles like a malnourished child ? That was dd.

Birth weight length is not good indicator to be honest. The weight and height settle into a rhythm and maybe he is just meant to be on ninth centile. So long as he following this line then don't worry. If he is growing several cm per year then the is what they look for ie consistent growth. Dd had no growth at all.while undiagnosed coeliac.

ClockWatchingLady Thu 28-Mar-13 09:58:32

Thank you cestlavielife - that's really helpful.
He is following the centile now (briefly dropped right down to 2nd a few years ago but now back on 9th). He also has a fairly substantial bum grin and his tummy usually quite soft.

It's just something I keep coming back to and wondering about.

Hope your DD is doing well smile

Thanks again

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