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Hyper sensitive one year old

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stinkingbishop Wed 27-Mar-13 11:09:10

So, I have a bit of a Mummy feeling about this one. And having a teenager with Asperger's who was diagnosed very late, despite my repeated assertions that something was not quite right...

I have year old twins. Chalk and cheese. One is very fair, very sensitive to light (she takes a long time to accustom when lights are turned on, screws up her eyes, seems upset), to certain noises (eg we can't go into Tesco, I think it might be the hum of the freezers, other shops are OK, or maybe she's a Waitrose girl!) and has just developed eczema.

She's not interested in crawling and hates being on her front, much preferring to sit, though nothing approaching a bottom shuffle yet.

She's less affectionate than her very cuddly sister.

But in other ways she's absolutely fine. She's chatty, lots of eye contact, lovely smiles, seems to be associating words with things, interested in people and her twin, loves making 'music', will hold her arms out to me to be held etc. And I wonder whether I'm just noticing more because of having a twin to compare.

But should I be keeping a watch out? And if so, for what? We were at the GP for her eczema and I mentioned all this but the GP said she seemed fine.

Have written a bit more about it (but not mentioning my concerns, given the grandparents read my blog!) here:

NeoMaxiZoomDweebie Wed 27-Mar-13 21:15:43

I would think that having a teen with Aspergers will make you hyper sensitive to the symptoms of any spectrum disorder. Some DC are just 8 year old has some sensory difficulties which are gradually fading...I was convinced she had ASD when she was about 6 to 7.

Now I know she hasn't but she's like me...a little bit quirky (say quirky with a knowing smile) I think some of us are JUST on the spectrum but have all the social abilities necessary to make us pass as NT.

As she's chatty, good at eye contact, smiling and understanding that words relate to "stuff" then I would try my hardest to put away my concerns for now and just keep one little corner of my mind open for any "Backwards steps" which are as you probaly know, a sign of something amiss.

Just off to look at your blog now. smile

stinkingbishop Thu 28-Mar-13 20:37:14

Thanks Neo, you're probably right. Maybe I should be getting advice about hyper sensitive Mums instead!!

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