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dd has a lump that is worrying me.

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littlebitconcerned Tue 05-Mar-13 19:39:26

Name changed to protect dds dignity. She is a young teen. Diagnosed with a breast infection early last week (complete with high temperature, large red painful swollen area and a large lump).

She saw the gp and was given antibiotics and felt better very quickly. She had a follow up appointment a couple of days better. GP was concerned about why she had the infection and also said to make an appointment for the end of this week to make sure the lump has fully gone.

The lump hasnt gone. Its about 3-4cm wide and hard to tell how far in it goes. Its to one side of and behind her nipple. (def not a breast bud, she is well past that stage of development and it is very different from the other side) looks a bit red again this evening but dd feels fully well. She has finished her antibiotics today.

Assuming she stays well I dont think we will bring forward her appt (especially as I've got a big medical appt tomorrow). It would be good to stick with the same gp as dd felt comfortable with them, but I am getting pretty concerned. My main concern is that it is an abscess and she will need it draining, which I'm worried would be rather grim for her. (there are also tiny 'what if' thoughts in the back of my head that I am firmly shoving out of my brain)

Any reassuring tales please?

Iseeall Wed 06-Mar-13 19:14:25

Trust in your gp with this . I really don't think it will be your worst fear but please do not google, She is already being treated and I know it is embarrassing for a teenager to be examined but its best to get her used to seeing any doctor.
When my daughter had menstrual problems the first appt was with a man and he was more embarrassed than us especially when I asked him if he needed to see the blood clots on her sanitry towels!

Tinkerisdead Wed 06-Mar-13 19:23:30

I had my first breast lump at 15, a fibroadenoma. They are really really common in young women. They usually shift around under your fingers giving them the name "breast mouse".

Ive had numerous lumps/cysts since but the main one i had removed when i was 29 by taking my areola off and stitching it back.

It sounds like your gp has your daughters lump well managed but i just wanted to reassure you that the "what if's" are so very very unlikely it could be all manner of things.

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