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Hold my hand! Anaesthetics!

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Broodzilla Tue 05-Mar-13 15:51:12

Am no expert but DS had surgery today and at the pre-op appointment, I told the Dr they had trouble waking my brother up from GA when he was 4 (he is now 21). I was told they used to use a different drug back then, and some people have a "mutation" causing their bodies to not break down the drug properly.

I'm not in the UK so not sure if this applies there but am sure someone else will come along and reassure you... Didn't want to read and run.

Good luck!

wonkylegs Tue 05-Mar-13 15:49:40

It's hard I know, to have anything done to your child when there is a risk (no matter how tiny) that something might happen. I am quite blasé about medical treatment for me (I have long term condition treated with toxic drug therapy which has some scary risks) but when my DS had an op last year I fell apart with worry even though the risks were tiny. It's the overwhelming need to protect them.
I think you have to focus on the positives (how far shes come), try not to let them know your fear and look forward to what your going to do when it's over.
I know it's easier to say than do but it will soon be done and dusted and you'll wonder why you were so worried. They are very cautious with planned GAs with kids these days so if there are any risk factors they will postpone until they are happy to err on the side of safety.
I've had a hip arthrogram with MRI under local anaesthetic and it was fine although it really wore me out. I needed lots of rest afterwards and basically slept it off the next day. I hope it all goes well, will be thinking of you both.

weegiemum Tue 05-Mar-13 15:34:30


weegiemum Tue 05-Mar-13 15:23:26

I might have done this before! My dd2s appointment last month was cancelled.

Dd2 (9) has had a degenerative hip condition (Perthe's syndrome) since age 3. It's been slowly healing and at our last appointment (on her 9th birthday!) we heard that the consultant feels she can now have total freedom of movement (she's spent years in a wheelchair, no jumping', skipping, running, minimal walking, using a major buggy outside school etc).

It's been stressful. But now her (fabulous) consultant at Yorkhill in Glasgow thinks it's healed (though she'll get follow up for arthritis and fr research until she's 18).

But the final thing is this Friday she's having a dye scan on her hip. They put her to sleep, inject dye in to her hip, use low-dose x-ray to visualise her hip in 3D. I'm crapping myself.

My dh's cousin died under anaesthetic when both of them were 3. I know things have moved on since then, but I'm really scared for my dd2. I know it will ge ok. But I don't believe it. Eek!

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