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Toddler diarrhoea

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Taranta Mon 04-Mar-13 20:45:50

21 month old DS has had upset tummy of some sort for a few days, thought it was a bug at first but now not so sure. First day he vomited once, in between a couple of diarrhoea episodes, next day back to normal, then three days of 3-4 loose poos a day - the result is foul smelling and well, pale and korma-like, to be honest (TMI sorry). Lots of trumping on the meantime.

At HVs suggestion he's on lots of fluids and plain foods - rice, pasta, toast, bananas, and is still BF a couple of times a day so has BM and water. He's cows milk protein intolerant so has no dairy in his diet and hasn't for 14 months, but does have soya products - though I've been keeping him off them for the past couple of days.

He has been teething a little of late, working on the biggies at the back, but its been low maintenance teething except for this morning when he was pink cheeked and clingy with it, but would that cause such loose movements? He's obviously in periodic discomfort, so I don't think it's 'toddler diarrhoea', but wish I knew what it was!

Anyone any ideas? TIA

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