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mesenteric adenitis I think but now pain in one leg? Help anyone?

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Lockedout434 Sun 03-Mar-13 11:24:54

My dd had stomach pain i watched and waited IYKWIM then she had a urine infection doctor gave her antibiotic for two days it cleared it up, she then carried on complaining of the stomach pain my dh went to the doctors said it wasn't an appendix but no explanation given (that i could get out of dh)
week later with pain persisting i went to doctors and was told it was swollen umbilical nodes, it will just go as it is viral.
1 week later she has a pain in her lower back, and now down one leg.
What do you think? Is it viral?
The did a dip stick test and urine is clear.
Do I go back and get the exasperated telling off that's its viral and we need to let it pass. She has had this pain since mid January.
What if any test do I ask for to rule anything out.

BurningBridges Sun 03-Mar-13 22:22:08

Oh hello, didn't realise you'd been sitting there since this morning waiting! if its been about 6 weeks and she's still having problems, I'd say I'm sorry I'm not satisfied, could she have an ultrasound. Not sure who you would get referred to though? A urologist? Genito urinary department?

I know from my own DDs that one had pain in back and down leg so she saw a paediatric orthapedic consultant, and the other had mystery lower stomach pain and she saw a paediatric gastroenterologist. Depends where you think the pain is coming from, and what's available at your local hospital. But I think 6 weeks is long enough to wait and see. Good luck hope your Dd gets better soon.

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