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9mo DD very unwell today - at what point should I get worried? (Caution - lots of vomit & poo)

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ShowOfHands Sat 02-Mar-13 19:49:02

My ds is a few months older but we've had hellish teething recently. I put his increased vile, smelly, runny nappies down to teething. Then on Wednesday he started to vomit. And continued to do so. Vile nappies too. V clingy, sad, refusing to be put down, refusing all food bar bm. He's turned the corner today.

I'm quite 'lucky' in that I know it's a virus because dd, dh and I have also vomited constantly for 3 days!

But with a gastrobug, the main thing is hydration. BM is excellent and they always keep a little down even if they're still sick. Look out for signs of dehydration (lack of tears, dry mouth, lethargy, floppy, unrousable etc) but the course of a gastrobug really is keep as hydrated as possible and wait for it to end. Hydration issues and you see a GP. Other symptoms, see a GP but fatigue, clinginess, lack of interest in proper play or food etc is all normal within reason.

And when she wants food again, it's fine to give whatever she wants. They no longer recommend a bland diet as it doesn't aid recovery or shorten the illness.

DD had her first norovirus at 10 months and survived on bm only for just over a week. This is fine. Hydration is what's important.

Any concerns, spidey senses tingling, new symptoms etc and seek help.

Hope she's well soon!

Enfyshedd Sat 02-Mar-13 19:48:02

No temperature. In fact, after waking up about an hour ago, she's pretty much back to her normal self which she hasn't been all day and hasn't been sick again (touch wood). Sticking with the water & BM for the rest of the day, & maybe a rusk in half an hour or so.

Much prefer my noisy little girl whose only complaint seems to be "Mummy, why can't I eat the remote controls" (or whatever "aaAAaAAAhhh AAaAaAaaa" means wink).

sannaville Sat 02-Mar-13 19:40:04

Does she have a temp at all? That would prob be my deciding factor as could be chest infection if she's got fever and bringing up lots of mucus. If not I'd ride it out too

Enfyshedd Sat 02-Mar-13 18:21:32

Thanks lljkk - that's what I was thinking. I sometimes think I'm a bit too blase about things and should worry more, but my mind is very fixed on the "babies bounce" theory and she would probably be a lot fussier if she was really ill.

Thanks for the vote of confidence in the "plenty of fluids & ride it out" idea.

lljkk Sat 02-Mar-13 18:14:56

oh stupid me, didn't see age in title!

lljkk Sat 02-Mar-13 18:14:29

how old, 1yo?
She sounds tired but not dehydrated and withdrawn, so my gut feeling is keep fluid uptake high and ride it out.

Enfyshedd Sat 02-Mar-13 18:08:10

DD has had a cold/runny nose for a couple of weeks and is showing all the usual signs of teething (she already has 8 teeth, so we're used to the teething cold). She's normally very good & we've never had a lot of problems with her vomit-wise, so today is totally out of character for her.

She woke us up at 6.30am today (she cosleeps & is still BFing during the night) by throwing up in bed - lots of mucus present. After clearing that lot, she was all bouncy in bed while we tried to settle her back down, then threw up again (on my head! sad). Decided to bring her downstairs to see if she wanted to play, then by 7.20am was back asleep with me on sofa. She woke up at 9am and found that she'd had a fairly runny poo (they've normally been quite solid recently, but she's had 2 runny ones in 2 weeks with her childminder). Had another round of clear mucusy vomit around 10.30-11ish before going out.

DD had 3-4 rice cakes & a fair amount of water while out, but wasn't interested in any other food and started being quite upset in the car. We came home at 2.45pm (was going to do shopping before going home, but decided to bring her home for a BF because she was uposet & refusing other food), and she was sick again(lots of mucus again) at 3.15pm before settling down for a nap (she'd only had about 20 minutes of sleep since 9am).

She woke up at 4.30pm and was instantly sick (BM & mucus). Shortly after, she produced 2 very runny/mucusy & VERY smelly nappies in the space of 20 minutes. Quite reasonably, she's being very clingy, a bit "soggy" as DP puts it (not floppy, but worn out/not pulling herself up like she normally does), and doesn't want to be put down to play. Have just settled her down at 5.45ish for another feed and after another little mucusy vomit, she's gone to sleep again.

Should I be all panicky & calling the OOH service, or should we just carry on as we are at the moment offering her cooled, boiled water & BM as she wants it unless there's a change for the worse?

Thanks for any advice.

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