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Can you help with a website for tracking your child's nutritional balance?

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AlwaysTimeForWine Sat 02-Mar-13 15:28:40

Rather random request but figured that Mumsnet always has the answer!

A few years ago I remember seeing a website where you could enter your child's meals and it would give you an idea of whether their day contained a good balance of protein and carb, sugars and fats etc for their age. But I can't for the life of me remember what the website was called!

My 7yr DD is underweight and short for her age - the oldest in her class but the smallest. I am not worried about her weight as such, as she is pretty active and does eat a healthy diet - I cook most things from scratch and she has packed lunches, plus treats etc.

She came home from hockey this morning and she just looked grey and said she was hungry all the way though, despite having had a Brioche, a banana and some orange juice at breakfast. It made me wonder if perhaps I am not giving her a balanced diet, or enough protein etc and though this website could give me an idea of that. I'm worried that maybe I'm not giving her enough calories for her age - a stonking 1700 by the way! I don't want to fill her with junk food as I was like her at the same age and struggled with my weight since puberty, but wonder whether more protein, or carbs would give her more energy.

Any ideas??

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