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molluscum contagiosum children

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MLPB Sat 02-Mar-13 15:19:05

Hello, I am new to this so apologies if I get this wrong!

Our D has had this for around 18 months now. They are spreading to her face which is making me become impatient with them going naturally.

I tried Collodial Silver spray twice a day for a month.... It didn't get rid of any although it seemed not to spread either.

I then tried pure Tea Tree Oil, dipped on a cotton bud & applied to each spot using a new cotton bud every time twice a day. This seemed to burn the skin and again no change.

We are now using Hydrocortisone Cream prescribed by our Doctor twice a day. We are now on day 5 and if anything they are bigger!

I wouldn't mind too much if only on her body but to be on her face is just heart breaking.

Forgive me as I know their are parents with children who have life threatening illnesses, but I was just wondering if someone could help guide me on what they might look like when they start to go....

Do they get larger perhaps?

Or give guidance on how or what might help speed up the process. Thank you x

hm32 Sat 13-Jul-13 20:26:23

Horrified here, at all these stories. I had MC as a child. One spot that turned into five, on the inside of one elbow. My mum took me to the dermatologist (private as wasn't in the UK), who froze them off straight away and that was it. Cannot imagine leaving them for a child to become covered in them. I get that the NHS has to cut costs, but really...

MLPB Mon 15-Jul-13 20:44:39

Hello everyone...... Just wanted to share with you that after 2 years our DD is finally free of MC. It has taken 5 months of treatment by way of attending a monthly freezing clinic at our local doctors surgery.
After 2 Doctors told me there was nothing that can be done we finally found a Doctor who would freeze them! It's been a long horrible journey as they were on her neck & spreaded to her face but thankfully they have finally gone.
There was a time I thought this day would never come!
Wishing you all the same success!! Keep strong!

LydiaMac Fri 19-Jul-13 14:31:41

I feel the need to share my MC story with everyone as I am using a cream that seems to be working and hasn't been mentioned on the threads I've read.
My 4 year old son has had MC for about 8 months, but I only recently found out what it is. It's all along one side of his trunk and into his groin.
We are currently living in Australia and having tried everything to get rid of his 'warts' and worrying why they were spreading, I took him to see a GP. The GP told me all about MC and suggested that we either leave them alone to heal in time, but he couldn't say how long that would take, or treat them with a cream called Aldara. It triggers the immune response that would eventually clear the infection if left alone. Every other night we cover each spot with a dab of cream and rub it in. We've been doing it for 8 weeks now. In that time, a couple of the spots have disappeared (leaving a red area, but I think that's because we continued treating them after they had started to heal and I think they will fade) and we have only found one new one (whereas before they were spreading at quite a rate). Of those that are left, most have turned red, which is a sign that they are getting better.
I haven't read all of the posts on this thread, but there doesn't seem to be anyone in the UK using this cream. I suspect it is because the cream isn't available on the NHS. It is possible to ask the GP to give a private prescription and I would recommend those of you at the end of your tether with MC to give it a go. It is expensive. We pay $65 for 6 sachets of cream and one pharmacist quoted $118.There is a generic version available at a slightly lesser price. However, it appears to be working where just leaving them alone was not. It is not painful and shouldn't leave any marks.
I would be interested to hear how anyone using the cream gets on and will keep you up to date with my progress.

wrenster Sun 21-Jul-13 07:43:26

Thanks lydiamac for another option, I will speak to the GP. Sadly I'm not convinced that the molludab is working despite causing a lot of pain. DS has 100+ and trying to dab them all is pretty horrible. They are scabbing but the spread seems pretty constnt still and they look just awful. I don't think his are big enough to freeze off. DD has much bigger ones on her bottom which I am guessing could be frozen but hers don't seem to be going yet either. My other DS looks as if he might now be developing them which fills me with horror as he is the worst with any kind of medicine/treatment. Has anyone had any success with molludab yet?

flakjacket Thu 25-Jul-13 13:33:47

Have been using Molludab for two weeks on Saturday, although only started on the ones on her face when she broke up from school last Friday. The first ones are all red and angry looking and a couple of the smaller ones have mostly gone smile. We think it's working... shock

Northumberlandlass Thu 25-Jul-13 13:37:42

I haven't heard of either of those creams. DS's are going slowly, someone I know recommended Germaline each night & a plaster. They do go but leave little scars.

I bloody hate MC. Our GP just wouldn't treat them, they cover the trunk of his body & then some spread to his arm. He swims competitvely and he is really bothered by how they look especially when they are red & angry.

OhWhatAPalaver Fri 26-Jul-13 07:58:24

Another one here with 18mo dd with molloscum. She only had one for ages and now there are 4 on her back, I thunk they started spreading cos she was naked a lot in the hot weather! I am in two minds whether to just leave them and see if they go as she is still so young, or whether to attack the damn things before they get worse!

Appletree10 Sat 27-Jul-13 10:11:28

Hello all, my 4year old has had these for almost 2 years and they keep coming, just been to the chemist and purchased molludab,
it is expensive but be honest im willing to pay anything to get rid of these things. I tried to get it on prescription but my doctor couldn't prescribe because the primary trust hasn't given it the go ahead (probably because it is expensive- i paid 25 quid for 2mls) but she did say that it looks like its worth a try.
I will let you know how it goes.
BTW the MC has never bothered my DD, I'm just worried that with her staring school in September they might start to.

OhWhatAPalaver Sat 27-Jul-13 12:32:09

I think we might give molludab a go before they spread more. Think she's getting one on her face now sad how are other folk getting on with it?

wheredoistartmrs Sat 27-Jul-13 12:46:14

if you stimulate them( ie pick them )they will heal up quicker advice given to me by hospital consultant.

ianandsibel1971 Sat 24-Aug-13 09:00:11

Just wanted to update, 7 weeks since starting the molludab and they've all gone. We didn't actually treat all of them just the biggest ones and the least visible but all have now disappeared.

Only one really reacted to the molludab and erupted with white pus and was very red (we put a bit of tea tree oil antiseptic cream on and it caled down) others just got a bit red and then disappeared.

Good luck and try and get this prescribed we got via our local determilogical clinic which the gp referred us to

LydiaMac Mon 26-Aug-13 01:40:30

A quick update with our MC story. We treated my son's MC with the Aldara cream 36 times and it is now going away. Some sites went away immefiately, others took longer and those that remain now look waxy, which I've noticed to be the first step in them healing. There have been no new sites appearing since we started using the cream. My little bit hasn't complained of the cream hurting, unless it is applied to sites that have already started to mend. It has taken a few months and cost about £150 (although we were refunded by our health insurance provider) but I would say it has been worth using Aldara to stop the spread of mc. I do recommend those still in search of an answer to ask for a private prescription from their GP

wrenster Mon 26-Aug-13 07:04:33

Thanks for all of the hopeful stories guys. We are still in the midst of all 3 DC covered in the blighters. We've been using Molludab for a good month or so now and it is making them scab but new ones are developing all of the time.

Docs will do nothing despite saying one of my DS has the worst case they've ever seen. They won't even give me a prescription for Molludab. I'm persevering though and now adding lemon myrtle oil to their baths and mixed with oil directly onto their skin.

The worst DS took his shorts off yesterday and they were covered in blood where two heads and come off and leaked blood and puss. I feel for him so much esp as they are starting school in 2 weeks. Even our private health refused to let us see a dermatologist.

I will look into Aldara and persevere with the Molludab and keep hoping. So pleased its worked for you guys - it gives me hope!

Rooners Mon 26-Aug-13 08:04:49

'I haven't read all of the posts on this thread, but there doesn't seem to be anyone in the UK using this cream. I suspect it is because the cream isn't available on the NHS.'

It certainly is but it's prescribed as a cancer treatment hmm

I'll go and read up and come back with more info. Hold your horses.

Rooners Mon 26-Aug-13 08:08:22

Oh you're Ok. Aldara is basically Imiquimod - used to stimulate an immune response.

It doesn't look like it works though on MC: (from wiki)

Imiquimod, a form of immunotherapy, had been proposed as a treatment for molluscum, based on promising results in small case series and clinical trials.[17][18] However, two large randomized controlled trials, specifically requested by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration under the Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act[19] and completed in 2006, both demonstrated that imiquimod cream, applied three times per week, was after 18 weeks no more effective than placebo cream in treating molluscum in a total of 702 children aged 2–12 years old.[20] In 2007[21] results from those trials—which have not been published in the medical literature or incorporated into the medical literature[22]—were incorporated into FDA-approved prescibing information for imiquimod, which states: "Limitations of Use: Efficacy was not demonstrated for molluscum contagiosum in children aged 2-12."[20] Imiquimod's FDA-approved prescribing information in 2007 was also updated to document concerning safety issues raised in the two large randomized controlled trials as well as a smaller pharmacokinetic study (also requested by FDA and subsequently published[23]), including:

etc etc (nothing too serious in terms of common reactions)

LydiaMac Tue 27-Aug-13 07:22:16

That's interesting Rooners. Our GP here in Aus offered Aldara right away. Obviously there's no knowing that my son's mc wouldn't have healed without the cream, but I do feel it has worked for him. Do note that the FDA have much stricter guidelines than the UK and so immiquimod may still be available on private prescription in UK,

FannyMcNally Tue 27-Aug-13 07:43:36

10 years ago the only advice doctors gave was to pop them. Dd3 had them for 2 years and in desperation we covered 20 spots on her torso with plasters for a week and everything went away as if by magic.

flakjacket Tue 27-Aug-13 11:14:55

Still using Molludab here. I think we started a week or so after ianandsibel. We had a weeks break last week because DC was away. The overall number has reduced, with lots scabbed over. However new ones are still appearing further up her face and even on her nose sad. We will persevere...

Am tempted to cover them in plasters for rest of hols but don't think DC will let me - whole of chin, some of neck and nose - she would hate it! Mind you, not as much as I hate those little b**** disfiguring her face angry.

feefee74 Tue 27-Aug-13 16:05:08

Hi all, my DD (5) has a few on her body and face. We started with one big one on the back of her leg and then noticed a few more little ones appearing on her face (eyebrow, top lip, chin, cheek) but I'm noticing a few more on her legs and bottom now. I hate them so much and would do anything to get rid.
I took her to Napiers in Glasgow for a herbal remedy to boost her immune system which she takes 3 times per day. She told me to go back in 3 weeks but said there is no quick fix and to be patient but I am NOT!
I bought Molludab (£24.99) from my local chemist and have been applying this to the bigger ones religiously. So far they have gone red but not inflamed but I am praying they will and then just go away. I do think its actually making more appear but perhaps that's the virus peaking before it leaves her system. Who knows? I also intermittently apply tea tree, sudocreme and have stopped baths. She gets a shower with tea tree shower gel and soap and we are washing her towel every day and changing sheets every couple of days but I fear this nasty virus has to run its course and we are nowhere near out of the woods yet.
I'm seeing a private dermatologist tomorrow so will report back what he says.
All I can say is that it bothers me far more than DD. She thinks its a bit of a game to be honest and I want to keep it that way but it really gets me down. I'm trying to stay strong and just accept that I can't stop the pimples appearing but I will try whatever I can to shorten the lifespan.
Stay strong everyone.

Can I ask the Molludab users...did you stop after 2 weeks per instructions and how long did it take for the exploding ones to get to that stage?

Fee x

Theonlyoneiknow Tue 27-Aug-13 20:02:52

Has anyone Been to a homeopath? My DS had 100+ on his torso, legs and face. I left them for a year (and that's what the GP said) and they carried on appearing. Enough was enough! I used a method recommended on here ie/ putting a couple of drops of lemon myrtle oil in his bath, changing towel and PJs daily, mixed lemon myrtle oil with olive oil and dabbed it on, when a couple started erupting I put Manuka honey cream on and covered with a plaster. This was in conjunction with two homeopathic pills day and night that I got prescribed, one was thuja and I can't remember the name of,the other one sorry, will go and have a look, they were gone within 8 weeks.

DD has a few now though and she is only 14 months :-( so started the same lemon myrtle treatment to see how it goes before going back to homeopath.

wrenster Tue 27-Aug-13 20:24:03

Hi fee. It sounds as if we are in a similar boat to you. My 3 DC have them, one is v v bad, but the others not quite so, but still extensive. I think I mind about them more than they do which is a good thing!

With the molludab, every spot seems to vary. 2 weeks IMO is too short and most of theirs have taken longer to erupt or scab than that. A few are still doing nothing despite using for over a month now. Others seem to be coming out everywhere - I feel as if there isn't much more room on my poor DS's body.

We are seeing another doctor tomorrow but I'm really not holding out much hope :-(

Would love to know what the private dermatology says - our private healthcare refused to cover it.

feefee74 Thu 29-Aug-13 18:47:36

Hi everyone. Well I feel so much better after seeing the dermatologist. He was very down to earth and honest. He said that in most cases if left alone it should start to clear up after 9 months or the immune system should kick in then because the body finally recognises it as a virus. He did say that hygiene and diet can affect it and also kids with other skin problems like dermatitis or eczema seem to find it harder to shake off. He also said that boosting the immune system can help too but the most significant thing he told me was to annoy them! He said if you attack them they will go away faster. I showed him the Molludab and he nodded approvingly and said it would definitely work (not from any knowledge of the product but the active ingredient). He also recommended me a cream called Crystacide to apply. I had to order it over the counter but it came today so I've started. Its basically hydrogen peroxide and can be applied 3 times per day. He said I could apply the Molludab and also the Crystacide on the same days. His advice was basically to attack them and zap them. He said in some cases they might freeze them off but only if they were big and problematic and DD's weren't. He also said that a change to day to day routine was unnecessary and baths were fine but use own towels. He said they aren't as infectious as people make out and the pimples that appear while you have it are going to come anyway and not because they are being reinfected. He said that you can't stop them coming but just attack them as they do appear. He also said that its fine to swim but put a little vaseline over them when coming out the pool. He said there's no evidence that they transmit through swimming and what is most likely is that they become irritated from chlorine and then the child scratches and transmits them that way. He said its very common in DD's age group (5) but if kids have good hygiene at school then it helps.

I'm feeling so much better and can definitely see a change in the pimples with the Molludab. The big one on her leg has a kind of solid white centre stalk now and its flatter and drier looking. I am tempted to get the tweezers on it. Oh and the doc also said that if the skin looks soft in the bath then pop it and then apply savlon or whatever you're using and a plaster.

The Molludab stings like hell so for anyone considering it, you need to know its sore for them but worth it. DD is on the promise of a new doll and she likes us to blow on the pimples after we do it. She gets some in the morning and the evening and that's been 6 days now.

I've applied the Crystacide this evening and will do the Molludab again before bed. I am going to kill these little things dead with everything I have smile

Don't give up everyone. We can beat this but we need to persevere and be patient. There is no quick fix to this but I'd definitely recommend the Molludab. Read the leaflet carefully and follow instructions but persevere even if they are squealing. DD only squeals for about 25 seconds and then she's fine. Its worth it to know I am getting rid of it.

Fee x

hereshecomesnowsayingyoniyoni Thu 29-Aug-13 19:30:33

That's interesting feefee74
My dd who's 8 has recently started getting them but has suffered with really bad eczema for the last couple of years.i was told on my last gp's visit that they will eventually go but will probably take a year.over the last week they seem to have got worse as well as the eczema too.i have an appointment for her next week so I'm going to ask about the products you've mentioned and see if she can be prescribed them.i'm also going to ask about an allergy test aswell re the eczema as it's disturbing her at night and also at school she has to leave the class to apply the diprobase cream and its starting to get her down.
I hope you have joy with getting rid of them

cnewman Fri 30-Aug-13 17:29:05

My 5 year old Daughter had molluscum for around 18 months and got progressively worse. She had a terrible outburst of them in her upper inner thigh, and they even bled. She didn't want to go to school and became very self conscious. The doctors said 'its a virus, theres nothing you can do' etc... I then found a company called 100%nature who offer products to fight this horrible virus. After using the cream for 2 weeks, they had all dried up, and now 6 weeks on they have all gone, and no more have appeared. It costs a little more than your standard cream, but it really is worth it. A life changing product.

wrenster Fri 30-Aug-13 22:16:53

Thank you so much feefee for letting us know what the dermatologist said, I can't tell you how helpful it was.

I will persevere with the Molludab and agitate them as much as possible and have faith!

Lets keep all of our fingers crossed we get rid of this virus.

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