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Seizures and concussion?

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InMySpareTime Wed 20-Feb-13 19:50:05

Background: DS (11yo) has been having suspected absence seizures since before Christmas, we have an appointment with paediatrics in a couple of weeks. He blanked out last week and banged his head on a concrete floor, then was unconscious for a minute or two, then couldn't move his limbs. He was seen by St.John ambulance at the scene, then we took him to A&E (twice, second time round he got a CT scan).
First question: Is it common for absence seizures to lead to falls (should we be watching him on stairs, roads etc)?
Second question: his absences have been more frequent since the head bump, is the concussion likely to be a factor?
I'm sure someone on here must be further along this road than I am, and can give me advice. I was too worried about DS last week to ask the questions at the time.

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