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3.6 ds hearing test results, confused....

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midastouch Wed 20-Feb-13 22:52:51

Thanks for that, i presumed it wasnt that bad, went as health visitor reffered us because his speech is not good. The putting little people in a boat for us didnt go down well either i think ds just thought this is a stupid game, i'll ask about the button next time

DeWe Wed 20-Feb-13 21:23:57

I'm guessing from what I know of ds's hearing tests.

Can't see the ear drum due to too much wax.
The echo test suggests some glue ear.
He didn't cooperate to do the main hearing test (don't worry, lots don't) only got one definite response to the sound.
Distraction test (which isn't very accurate) gave a mild hearing loss (I think)

If you're worried take it to your GP and ask for translation.

It sounds fairly standard for glue ear, as far as I can see. If his speech is fine, you're not concerned about behaviour and he is mostly hearing okay, then I wouldn't worry from that. I would tell preschool (if he goes) that he has glue ear and can they make sure he's near the front, has heard instructions etc.

Basically unless you have other concerns they won't want to act on it unless you can get a good autometry. If you do have other concerns then express them (write them down if you need to) to the main ENT person you see.

So I would work on getting your ds to cooperate next time. Buy (or borrow) some big headphones and let him play with them so he's not frightened or upset by them.
Explain to him they need to know what he can hear-like a pilot (or whatever interests him) needs to hear through headphones.
And have sweets/toy for afterwards if he does his best at the time. He should be allowed to sit on your knee too.
My ds behaved much better when they'd stopped asking him to put the passengers in the bus and given him the "adult" version of a button to press. They told him that flew the plane. In fact he loves that so much he now asks to go for a hearing test rather than objecting strongly. So if the play audiometry (hearing through headphones) doesn't seem to be going well, it can be worth asking if he could try that one. I think the little boys prefer the pressing a button. much more fun!

midastouch Wed 20-Feb-13 18:17:17

basically we had ds hearing test and tto be honest i didnt unnderstand much of what he said i was given leaflet on glue ear, said theyd send me another appointment for 2 months and a letter with findings which i recieved today. I just wonder if anyone can make any sence of it for me? it says
- unable to view tympanic membranes due to obscuring wax.
- type b traces with small ear canal volumes 0.3ml suggesting occluding wax, unable to determine satisfactory middle ear.
- ds quiet, reluctant to co-operate play audiometry. 1 response visual reinnforcement audiometery 1khz at 40 db.
- distraction testing revealed mildly raisedhearing thresholds 1 & 4 khz

Anybody any ideas id be really greatful.

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