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Can anyone advise me about my daughters feet?

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mummyloveslucy Wed 20-Feb-13 10:15:15

Hi, my daughter is nearly 8 and has severe learning difficulties. Her co-ordination isn't great and she can't ride a bike, struggles like mad even with a balance bike or 3 wheel schooter. Her walking is fine, she can run but doesn't choose too. She complains of knee and back pain if she walks too far.

One of her feet is a whole size bigger than the other, and the smaller foot is the one that is starting to roll out. She is walking more on the outer side of that foot, and wearing down her shoes on that side. She's always had her feet measured and we buy either Start-rite or Clarks as she has wide feet.

My DH's feet are the same, he walks on the out sides of his feet and he has distorted the shape of both feet. He also suffers with back ache and knee problems. I don't want my daughters feet to go the same way.
I thought that if I saw an expert now and got her inserts or something, that would correct it early on. The shoe fitting lady said that they won't do anything, as her feet are still growing. confused

Would it be worth us seing a professional? I don't really want to wast the money on an appointment, just to be told to come back when her feet have stopped growing.

showtunesgirl Thu 21-Feb-13 22:23:12

Er, no there IS such a thing as a flat foot. I basically don't have any arches in my feet. You can have functioning flat feet but mine stopped functioning properly and I started to get Plantar fasciitis.

To correct my problems, I had to have insoles which basically over the years gently coaxed an arch into my feet. My first pair weren't brilliant but the second pair I've had for years and have been brilliant. They were on the NHS and done by a specialist Irish company called Firefly. The bottom is made of graphite and I just have to send them to be re-upholstored every now and again.

Bunbaker Thu 21-Feb-13 22:27:28

"Btw, there's no such thing as flat feet"

Utter nonsense. DD has flat feet. Her arches are almost non existent. Her knees hurt when she doesn't wear her support insoles.

frazzledbutcalm Thu 21-Feb-13 22:37:21

show and bun ..
What I mean by no such thing as flat feet is the reason the foot is flat is because of problems elsewhere which then cause the foot not to sit in the correct position, thereby giving the 'flat foot'.
I too am 'flat footed', as are my children. But it's not the foot that's the problem, in our cases it's the hips (dd1) pelvis (dd2), knees (ds2),
If the problems are found early enough in life and treated with orthotics etc then the muscles, tendons etc can be aligned in their correct position which then causes the foot to be supported in the correct position and the arch is fine and doing it's job.
Mine will never be corrected as I'm too old. Hopefully my dc's will be corrected as we think they've all been caught early enough.
As for the pain etc, yes it's horrendous at times, ours made much much better with the use of insoles. Insoles have proved to be absolutely fantastic and I urge anyone with problems to use them, NHS or otherwise.

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