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2.5 year old with spots under one arm...?

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JessieEssex Tue 19-Feb-13 11:01:28

Hi all. My DD is 2 and a half and for the last 3-4 days has had really angry looking spots under one arm, along the underside of the arm and down one side of her chest. She scratches them a lot. Some have white heads on, some are more flat to the skin. They don't look like molloscum or chicken pox. It seems strange that they're so localised and haven't spread.

I'm hoping to see the GP about them later, but does anyone have any ideas what they may be?

bamboobutton Tue 19-Feb-13 11:03:30

Flea bites? Do you have cats/dogs?

JessieEssex Tue 19-Feb-13 11:12:57

I wondered about bites, but we don't have any pets. Surely bites would be all over, or at least not localised to one patch?

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