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Toddler temp 39.6, otherwise fine

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NewYearNewBoo Mon 18-Feb-13 03:38:29

Thanks shifty, his temp did go down to 38, so we got some sleep, unfortunately, I just checked and it is back up to 39.0 again so off to the docs for us in the morning, well in a bit!

ShiftyFades Mon 18-Feb-13 00:32:25

Just to add, DS recently had a 39.5 temp. Managed to get it down to 38.2 with Calpol (but it took an hour). He seemed pretty ok but I took him to GP the next day: he had a severe infection in both ears that needed abs. He was quite ill for a couple of days but was soon running around like a 4 yo should. grin

ShiftyFades Mon 18-Feb-13 00:21:12

Has it come down since the Calpol? My DS is 4 and I would alternate between Calpol and brufen to keep tempt down. See how he is in the morning and reassess. If neither brings temp down (even just to 38.x) I'd ring NHS direct for advice.

That said, always trust your instincts, you know him best and if he's out of sorts ring OOH GP.

I hope you all get some rest.

NewYearNewBoo Sun 17-Feb-13 23:01:25

Hiya, my 3 year old DS fell asleep early tonight, we checked on him until about 8.30, all fine, checked again about 10.30 he was red hot (and had weed right through his pull up)

He is now stripped into a t shirt, pull up and thin blanket (will not settle without one), having sips of juice, has had calpol and is being lovely, clearly tired, but happy to be on his bed with me sat at his side. Would you call a Dr or see how he goes? There are no other symptoms, rash pains or anything hmm

Wouldn't normally ask but it is a very high temp.

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