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Sickness while teething...or a bug???

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25hourdaymum Fri 08-Feb-13 23:28:45

Did your ds go through the same thing? If you're concerend, go to your GP but with teething, they get upset, tired, their poo does go a bit funny and they feel terrible. It is a painful thing pushing teeth through, upset stomach etc. Are you putting anything on her gums or try giving some calpol.

Jennlx Fri 08-Feb-13 09:03:23

My DD is 13 months old. She ends up in bed and 2 nights ago did a very soft poo (although wouldn't really call ut diahorrea). That night, and again last night she sicked up a bit on my DH. Only a tablespoon or two, but last night her tummy was swollen and distended and we got out towels and expected the worst...and nothing. BUT, she's absolutely fine otherwise, no temp and completely happy and eating fine (although i have her on BRAT diet). Do you think could this be teething? I've kept her indoors with 2 yo DS who is climbing the walls, but starting to doubt she's even ill...any thoughts much appreciated! I promised my son messy play, would a tiny bit of sick keep you indoors?

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