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2yo with chesty cough

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MiaSparrow Thu 07-Feb-13 12:51:13

Thanks Shrimpy! No, there's no temperature. We're not giving her the Calpol/Nurofen that often so I'm sure we'd have noticed a temp in between doses. Steam sounds like a good idea!

ZipItShrimpy Thu 07-Feb-13 11:55:00

A bit of steam might help loosen her secretion, so maybe get the bathroom steamy and let her play in the bath or shower. I think sometimes it sounds chesty but its just upper respiratory noise which sounds the same.

Any doctor would be happy to see her though if you're worried. The fact she is well in herself and has no temperature is a great sign but that may be because she is getting calpol and nurofen. Does she have a temperature before she gets a dose of either of them? She might actually have a fever and the meds are just keeping it down. Maybe see what her temperature does without the calpol and nurofen and then if she does have a temp take her to the Gp. Propping her up nice and high will help at night but its grim for wee ones when they have a bad cough.

Think that was a bit garbled, hope she's ok though. smile

MiaSparrow Thu 07-Feb-13 11:46:06

Hi all

DD has her first really bad chesty cough - no temperature or anything but it's really bad at night, she's not sleeping at all. Just wondering how long you leave a chesty cough before seeing a doc about it if it continues. We're doing Tixylix and alternating Calpol/Nurofen. She's happy in herself when she's upright, it's just that when she's lying down she's hacking away and it sounds awful. Anything else I could be doing to help her? Thanks in advance. xx

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