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Irritable hip then Hairline fracture in 19 mo but advice needed please

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Lookslikerain Thu 07-Feb-13 06:01:37

Your poor DD! That's really not good that they didn't pick up on the fracture until now. I'm not sure I've got any great advice but thought I'd post to bump your message back up for anyone with more experience than me.

My DS broke his arm at 18 months. He fell off the bed, with DH right next to him, but he went down too fast to be caught. I immediately knew he'd done something and we took him to a&e. They xrayed but couldn't see anything. They'd given him painkillers and so, by this point, he was using it. They sent us home. That was the Saturday and on the Monday I took him back as he'd only use it when he'd had paracetamol/ibuprofen. They put it in a cast and when they took the cast off 10 days later, they xrayed again and this time they could see the fracture from where it had healed.

I don't know why you were told not to give any medicine as I think we were advised to give him painkillers if it helped. Maybe because they can't put it into a cast and they don't want her using it? Do they even put broken feet in casts?

I'd say that you know her best and if you think something isn't right then go back for another opinion. What's your GP like? Could you speak to them? I'd follow your gut and not be worried about being seen as over-anxious. Hth.

theenchantedhood Wed 06-Feb-13 19:41:06

My daughter is grumpy. Normally a happy girl.

Fri 25 Jan as I was getting her ready for nursery I couldn't get her boot on - it was causing her discomfort. Naturally I thought she had grown a foot-size overnight. That weekend she developed a limp and by Sunday evening was crawling. I took her straight to A&E on the surgery's advice in case she needed X-Rays.
She had three X-Rays on her foot. Nothing showed up and we were sent away, but unhappy on the Tuesday I phoned and the hospital said to bring her back. Another three X-Rays up to her pelvis. We went on to the children's ward and the Doctor there said it was irritable hip and just give rotate Brufen and Paracetamol. I know I sound like I sound like a hypochondriac on her behalf but it looked to be getting worse.
Weds - not happy we go back and she is admitted onto the ward where they took her temp etc. They took a first lot of bloods. When some bloods came back they said she was clear of any terminal related illnesses but her Vit D levels wern't right. We would get the results in a week and bone results in 3-4 weeks.
That day she was seen by the same Doctor, a lady in surgical/sterile dress who thought it was her foot and a lead consultant who seemed to think her foot also. More bloods were taken that evening and we went home.

It's been getting prolongingly worse and yesterday we went for an appointment at the Fracture clinic. When we were seen the consultant said she has a hairline fracture. Great - happy with that as I was thinking green stick fracture all along.
Also she had to go back to the ward for more bloods as the ones taken last week by the time they got to the lab were null angry. The fracture man told me not to give her any medicines as it will heal.

Yesterday she was sing her foot less throughout the day and today she will not put any weight on it at all - bearing in mind that she has been using it all the way through this. Today she has not been herself.

Should I be worried? I'm feeling like I should be alert and vigilant but I'm getting the impression I should shut up and chill out.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.. Any advice or experiences are welcome!

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