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6 year molar pain

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Shattereddreams Wed 06-Feb-13 23:44:05

It dawned on me that molar teeth were repsonsible for this demon rude grumpy child I had from age 4.7 to 5.3

She was hideous. I initially thought it was school and tiredness. She now is 5.9 and has already lost 5 milk teeth. All four molars were present at 5.6m when they started to fall out.

She had a mouthful of baby teeth by 8 months.

frazzledbutcalm Wed 06-Feb-13 23:38:25

tatty - sounds like my dd. She gained and lost all her teeth early. She's now 13 and is getting her wisdom teeth!! shock
Her older brother is 19 and still no signs of his wisdom teeth, dd thinks it's hilarious! grin

TattyCatty Wed 06-Feb-13 10:32:00

My DD complained of sore teeth on and off for about 6 months, before she had any wobbly teeth at all, so probably at the age of 4.5 to 5 years old. I assumed that it was to do with adult teeth starting to push up behind milk teeth, so just dosed her up with Calpol etc when she needed it.

It wasn't until she went to the dentist just after her 5th birthday (before she'd even lost a tooth as I recall) and I discovered that 3 of her adult molars were already through, with a 4th partially erupted. Oops! I did feel a bit bad for not noticing that she actually had teeth coming through, but I had assumed that she would be much older before adult teeth arrived. The dentist did say that it was very early as usually these teeth start to appear between the age of 6 to 8 years old. She is now nearly 7, and has lost all 8 of her incisor milk teeth, with one of her canines just starting to wobble. I guess I should check to see if any of her other adult molars have started to appear!

fruitscone Wed 06-Feb-13 10:19:07

My DD (5) has sore teeth at the moment. She was complaining on and off about teeth being sore, ones at the front. But it was always different teeth and none of them were wobbly. We went to the dentist and she confirmed none are wobbling but she is getting the big huge choppers at the back of her mouth first. She said this is an unusual way to do it, as most people lose front teeth before these back ones come in but she said girls are more prone to this than boys. She explained that the big back teeth coming in are causing everything further forward to be pushed around a bit and this makes is a bit sore.

frazzledbutcalm Tue 05-Feb-13 22:25:05

Is her molar becoming wobbly? My dd was very sore when hers were wobbly...

dizziedaisie Tue 05-Feb-13 09:51:38

Sorry a very minor thing but my dd has been suffering quite badly with molar pain since before Christmas, struggling to eat anything but very soft food and on daily doses of painkillers,( which I don't really like doing but shes crying with pain) Took her to school this morning & she was very pale, think probably because not eating enough! We're living in France atm so am using their version of bongela too. Taken her to the dentist here who says its perfectly normal, but not sure how long this should go on for, could there be another problem? Anyone else had experience of this? Thank you!

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