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Help! Tummy bug!

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BeaWheesht Tue 29-Jan-13 15:34:35

I don't know what's happening with him - he's pooed a lot today which is unlike him but until last wee while he's been playing etc. don't know if new bug or remnants of last one? He has a mouth ulcer too so maybe run down?

Hoping dd doesn't get it and hoping we all manage some sleep and no poo tonight.

I hate being so anxious and its so muh worse when I'm on my own. Feel like really crap mum.

BeaWheesht Tue 29-Jan-13 05:49:54

Thanks am hoping that doesn't happen still but we will see.

Am so tired.

chocolatecakeystuff Tue 29-Jan-13 01:06:26

Awww, hope ds is feeling better soon.
I had it twice within the space of a few weeks. If its any constalation wasn't as awful the second time over x

BeaWheesht Mon 28-Jan-13 23:40:01

Ps dd is only 2

BeaWheesht Mon 28-Jan-13 23:39:36

Tell me I can do this?

Dd came down with a tummy bug a week past Thursday - vomiting then runny poo with temp then no appetite continued for a while.

Ds came down with it on the Saturday - same pattern.

Me and dh had it too and still feel a bit washes out by it all, hard to tell though as we both have IBS.

So, dh goes away with work in the am for the rest of the week - went to check on ds and he had pooed everywhere in his sleep - he's 6. Showered him etc but how can this be happening again?

So that's him off until Thursday and he already missed 4 days last week hmm

I suffer badly from health anxiety and was nervous about dh going away and I know I sound pathetic.

Now I can just see them both being ill and me getting zero sleep - don't live near family etc - and being in permanent state of panic.

Cannot believe this, typical!

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