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27lb six month old

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charitymum Sat 26-Jan-13 19:13:09

After lost of ongoing wheezy problems and a rude call from health visitor to say son was fat (wasn't the info that he was fat that was rude more the tone - but that has been the subject of another thread where I was duly told, not unreasonably, to get over mysefl) we have checked his weight and at six months one week he is 27lb on home scales. That puts him right off the chart.

He is top centile for height so is clearly big generally.

We will talk to the health visitor for advice too but how the heck did a mainly breast fed baby who we have only just (this week) started weaning get so big?
Any tips on how to help him lose it? We know there are long term links to obesity but are there any immediate risks?

Never had this with other three (indeed other DS at 22 months is dropping down the centiles at rate of knots which is also a concern!)


fuckadoodlepoopoo Wed 30-Jan-13 21:54:21

Wow! Mine weighed that at age 5!

Anyhoo i would take to the Dr so they can check for any health issues.

Butterycrumble Wed 30-Jan-13 21:49:38

Actually blondefriend tandem nursing doesn't change gain patterns, the baby regulates the flow and intake.

Butterycrumble Wed 30-Jan-13 21:47:42

One of mine was about 25lbs, I fed on demand... I read about bf babies being less prone to obesity, better at appetite regulation and brown 'good' fat etc. I didn't really worry but kept an eye on his weight which didn't change for about 2 years!

By seven he was a foot clear of most class mates and we took the same sized shoes. He is still lean.

Bf on demand is the norm and it normally works out fine.

blondefriend Wed 30-Jan-13 21:26:16

Once again though I will say that I wouldn't think it was a problem at this stage as he will probably even out once he starts crawling and is on a range of foods.

blondefriend Wed 30-Jan-13 21:25:03

But the OP also feeds a 22 month old. Therefore her supply will be higher than that usually found in a woman only directly feeding a 6 month old. Your body will provide what is needed for a feed and therefore non-nutritive sucking will occur at the end of a feed or soon after a feed has finished. A baby (especially very young) will comfort suck but if you have pumped regularly or are feeding a second baby the supply can be increased and the baby may take on extra milk during this phase.

An EBF baby can definitely be overfed because you are encouraging milk intake from a bottle, wherever it came from. BTW my dd was BF/EBF so I this isn't a judgment about using EBM.

5madthings Wed 30-Jan-13 10:26:28

Of course he puts on weight from.feeding but as an ebf baby he will be the weight he is meant to be.

He will nurse for milk when hungry but will comfort suck when he needs to. Bfed babies do this a lot and it doesnt make them overweight.

He may be big and medical reason ie genetic conditions for the weight gain should be ruled out.

But he wont be overfed on breast milk.

Inmyopinion1 Wed 30-Jan-13 04:04:41

If the child is putting on weight from the feeding it can't, by definition, be "non nutritive sucking". These are circular arguments.

5madthings Tue 29-Jan-13 22:20:39

Google comfort sucking or non nutritive suckling which explains the kind of comfort sucking bfed babies do and how they can't be over fed.

Also bfeeding protects against obesity in later life even if he is very big now weight gain tends to tail off at 9-12mths as they get more mobile and burn it off.

As long as any medical/genetic conditions are/have been ruled out for the weight gain this is just the size he is meant to be right now.

duchesse Tue 29-Jan-13 22:10:11

Goodness, he must be hard to carry! My 3y 4 m DD weighs 28 lbs (12.8 kg)

I think that unless you are smuggling unnecessary calories into him by feeding him masses of sweets or putting in twice the amount of formula powder (doesn't sound like you are!) then that must be just the weight he's meant to be, especially if he's tall as well. He'll almost certainly slim down when he starts moving.

5madthings Tue 29-Jan-13 21:57:56

Of bfeeding and comfort sucking.

5madthings Tue 29-Jan-13 21:56:58

ERM bfed babies don't always get milk when they suck unlike with a bottle they can suck for comfort without getting masses of milk so no they can't be overfed, perhaps you should do a bit of research of needing and comfort sucking.

Chubfuddler Tue 29-Jan-13 21:56:35

I think people say bf babies can't be overfed because you don't know how much they are actually getting there isn't the temptation to coax them to finish the last half ounce in a bottle. But my dd was definitely a very greedy bfer and still is.

blondefriend Tue 29-Jan-13 21:38:01

Of course a breast-fed baby can be overfed. What a strange statement. If they enjoy suckling it can be very easy.

However at 6 months I wouldn't worry too much. As you introduce more fruits and veg as part of weaning he may lose weight (sorry - gain more slowly) as they are of lower calorific value than milk. Concentrate on a range of veg rather than the carbohydrates such as baby rice/pasta/sweet pot etc that you may do with a baby of lower body weight. Also encourage activities such as singing/clapping/reaching/rolling to try and burn it off.

My son was 21lb at 3 months (because of a specific medical condition) and I have sympathy as people do make judgments.

Inmyopinion1 Tue 29-Jan-13 03:52:08

Twilight - not at all, your child will no doubt sit within the centiles on the growth chart. The more useful measure of feeding will be consistency of growth along the centile lines

It often isn't mentioned that children are big in departments because it tends to cause offence or takes up more time if the department is otherwise heaving. The majority of children off the centile chart will eventually find their way back onto it but a significant minority will spend their lives big and the younger people are aware of this the easier it is to address. No one is suggesting that the child be starved or even actively placed on a diet but a slightly more watchful approach to feeding would be beneficial.

I'm not sure why people feel that a breastfed child can't be overfed. If the child puts on excessive amounts of weight then it is receiving more calories than it needs to expend for daily life and growth, ergo it's overfed.

EauRouge Sun 27-Jan-13 15:43:47

Just want to clarify, as well as seeing a BF counsellor I would still carry on seeing your HV, paed, etc.

spanky2 Sun 27-Jan-13 12:45:21

My ds1 was big for his age. He still is. He's 8and the size of a 12year old. he couldn't sit up and it was nearly impossible to squeeze him into a rear facing car seat .

Fairylea Sun 27-Jan-13 12:45:09

I wouldn't worry. As he moves around more he with even out.

Both mine have been huge, dd was referred to a specialist at 7 months as she was in size 12-18 month clothes - they said she was fine. Ds is the same despite being only 6lbs when born he is now 7 months and into 12-18 month vests and baby gros! I don't ever weigh them, just causes a lot of unnecessary worry.

charitymum Sun 27-Jan-13 12:42:07

He is indeed hard to carry. His big brother easier. He is too long for car seat and too wide for pram insert.

Bit worried he is not as active as others-he's only just started sitting and can't roll over yet but I'm sure we will sort.

At least they are sharing clothes.....

LemonBreeland Sun 27-Jan-13 12:37:28

Wowser my 19mo only weighs 21lbs. She is tiny though. I'm sure once he starts moving his weight gain will slow or even stop for a while.

ceeveebee Sun 27-Jan-13 12:33:05

Wow. Your DS weighs more than my twins combined at that age! You must have biceps of steel carrying him around!
But as other posters say, you can't overfeed a bf baby so sure he'll just be a rugby player or something.

EauRouge Sun 27-Jan-13 12:29:29

You cannot overfeed an exclusively breastfed baby. Not sure about mixed feeding but an 8oz bottle doesn't sound like much. If he is gaining too much weight then there may be an underlying health issue. Breastfeeding is certainly not the problem. I would contact a BF counsellor who may have some ideas. This might help.

charitymum Sun 27-Jan-13 12:23:39

We've only started weaning in last week or so. Bit of a mystery. He is very long but at least his height plots onto the chart!!!

Figgygal Sun 27-Jan-13 12:18:28

I know your pain (mainly back and arm pain) My DS was ff but he's always been up at 99th centile from 91st at birth hes also off the chart for height so pretty proportionate.

he's 13mo now and I've no idea what he weighs at moment he was 27lbs at 10mo but since he started walking he's definitely slimmed down.

Maybe the dr would be able to reassure u/look into any underlying reasons

DomesticCEO Sun 27-Jan-13 12:15:47

It is also bollocks to assume FF babies are all being overfed - OP, DS1 was a v big FF baby, weaned at 6 mths and as soon as he hit 1yr and started walking the weight just fell off him.

He is now a healthy (if solid!) 4 yr old.

Maybe have a word with GP but it is likely to resolve itself naturally if you're feeding him normal quantities of food.

5madthings Sun 27-Jan-13 12:11:23

You cant force a baby to bfeed! So its very unlikely he hasbern overfed unless you are shoveling solids into him?

Some bfed babies get very big in the first 6mths, his weight gain will probably tail off a bit as he gets more mobile.

As he has been in hospital he was presumably weighed so they could give him the right amount of medication etc? If his weight was an issue they would have mentioned it.

You say he is tall as well so roughly in proportion?

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