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Anyone's DC diagnosed with lupus?

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MegBusset Wed 23-Jan-13 23:05:34

DS2 (3yo) is being investigated for suspected lupus. He has had a skin rash for ages which consultant said was probably discoid lupus, but lately has been complaining of sore legs especially in the mornings which I know can be a symptom of systemic lupus. He's got an appt with lupus specialist at the end of Feb, just wondered if anyone else had been through this.

MegBusset Thu 24-Jan-13 09:13:27


sannaville Thu 24-Jan-13 20:35:39

Hi there I went to answer this post as my older sis has lupus but ou saing your son has sore legs reminds me my dd who is also 3 constantly has sore legs - wonder if it runs in families.
Anyway my big sis wasn't diagnosed until around age 22 after becoming very poorly with enlarged organs its now in a remission state and only symptom she has is the rash on her face which is really quite obvious but she's used to it. She is painfully thin and very pale skinned and knows there's a high chance of miscarriage (she has no children), she can get quite down ans depressed and tired but manages full time job and studying well.

MegBusset Fri 25-Jan-13 09:06:55

Thanks. DS2 is also very pale and sensitive to the sun; he's not skinny though as he eats like a horse! I'm glad that your DSis is able to carry on with a (mostly) normal life smile

sannaville Fri 25-Jan-13 17:53:16

My sis is still very sensitive to sun and has to be very careful on holidays as she gets awful heat rashes

Needalifeagain Fri 25-Jan-13 21:28:07

My sister was diagnosed at 15 after initial incorrect diagnosis of juvenile arthritis.
Typical lupus rash, painful joints and some kidney problems.
She has really got on with her life, has a degree travelled, married and now at 30 pregnant with her second child.
Things have not been easy for her but keeps her rose tinted glasses firmly on!

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