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Repeat anti biotics courses - baby

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Lonecatwithkitten Wed 23-Jan-13 23:40:46

5 courses before a year old whilst more that some is an awful lot less than others - DD had 4 different courses in a 2 week period at one Point at 5 months of age.
The greatest risk of resistance comes when you start a course and then don't finish it as it allows resistant bacteria to develop and proliferate. So having started a course the best way forward is to finish it.

k4mi Wed 23-Jan-13 22:42:06


I am after some advice please. My DD is about to turn 1. When she was born we were in hospital for four days as she had a suspected infection so they put us both on anti biotics for a week. All was fine. Since then she's had 3 more courses, one for chest infection (6months), one for tonsillitis (11 months) and a second for the tonsillitis which returned a week later (11 months). She now has a cold and a v bad cough. Took her to the dr today who said there's a lot of phlegm on her chest (which there is as she keeps coughing it up) and prescribed another course of amoxicillin. I've given her one dose because my partner thinks 'dr knows best' which I agree often they do. BUT at today's appointment I raised concerns with the dr that this will be her 5th course since birth. I've read that overuse can lead to becoming immune to them and also immune systems not developing so well to fight things off. I've also read horrendous stories about them damaging teeth. The dr brushed it off and said rey can have them when they need them and all would be fine. She pretty niches marched me out I guess as she just wanted to move on to the next patient.

Does anyone have any experience/advice? U mean at the money she seems v poorly, sleeping loads and not eating so I know she is sick but I don't want to be causing long term damage. Has anyone been in this situation? Are there any GPs out there who can offer any advice?

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