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Hearing problem or normal 6yo behaviour?

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CaseyShraeger Wed 23-Jan-13 23:54:48

Just get his hearing tested. It's very difficult to work out for yourself how well a child can hear (I have a child with a diagnosed hearing loss and I find it very difficult), and they won't think you are wasting their time even if his hearing turns out to be perfect (particularly given that the school has suggested getting it checked).

cestlavielife Wed 23-Jan-13 23:35:56

Get his hearing tested.
Then you can assess his processing of information. Listening skills. But you need to start with hearing.

greencybermummy Wed 23-Jan-13 23:33:12

I would get it tested. You're not wasting anyone's time, pediatric audiologist would prefer to see him than not if hint of a problem. Sometimes it can manifest as worse behaviour at time as child has to concentrate harder at school to compensate. Don't know where you are so how you access hearing clinic but in my area any health visitor would refer if a parent phone them up with concerns. School nurse could also help. Local health centre could point you in right direction.
Nothing to feel ashamed about, please pursue it for your DC's sake.

LiegeAndLief Wed 23-Jan-13 22:20:36

At ds's last parents' evening in October, his teacher asked if his hearing had been tested as he sometimes didn't seem to know what he was meant to be doing. I asked him about it and he said (paraphrasing) that he could hear her fine when he tried, but sometimes wasn't listening properly. I hadn't noticed any problems and his previous two teachers in YR and Y1 had never said anything, so I left it.

His behaviour has got worse since then and he often doesn't listen to me. I can ask him to do things over and over again and he just ignores me and appears not to hear simple instructions (eg I tell him to put his shoes on, they are in the kitchen, and he wonders round the house looking for his shoes because he only heard the first bit). He gets frustrated and angry easily and I've noticed that he doesn't seem to understand a few things like telling the time that he's meant to be doing in class. He can be very loud, particularly when playing, to the point that his friend on a play date has asked him to quieten down! All this has lead me to wonder whether I should get his hearing checked, but isn't it all pretty normal behaviour for a stroppy 6yo with perfect hearing? He behaves very well at school and I think his learning on the whole is fine, his reading is above average and maths ok.

I've tried whispering etc to test how much he can hear but I'm not sure what he should be able to hear! He can hear me whispering quietly in his ear, but didn't respond when I tried saying his name quietly from the next room (although he often doesn't respond if I'm bellowing his name from three feet away...). He has also failed to respond to me asking quietly if he wants a biscuit etc, but has always been concentrating on something else at the time and I think he just blocks me out.

I really don't want to waste anyone's time with this - any advice or something I could do at home to check how much he can hear? Maybe something I could make into a kind of game so I have his attention!

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