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Poorly bairn. scared about meningitis.

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alwaysworriedtoo Wed 23-Jan-13 17:24:39

Thanks DeWe. I rang her school during the morning for extra piece of mind and she hadnt reported anything to her teacher. When I picked her up she said she ached a little but not as bad as before, she had a bit of headache at dinner but after some fresh air it went. She also says her under her eye hurts a bit (everything is a bit which I am finding some reasurance from!) I got her to do the flaxibility check pretending it was just a challenge, 'I bet you can't put your chin on your chest!' 'wow you can I bet you can't get it to your knee?' 'yes!' and then did some random can you put it on your elbow etc and she did it without complaining. She says she isn't much hungry but seems to be still eating ok! She is a bit snotty, lots of sniffing. I am feeling easier as time goes on getting reasurance from the 'bit' knowing that meningitis seems to come on quickly, I think if she was heading that way she would have shown more symptoms/more severe symptoms now.
It certainly frees my head up a bit writting about it as well.
Thanks again for taking the time to reply to a knickers in a twist anxiety head!
I shall still keep a close eye on her though. I am betting she is full of cold tomorrow!

DeWe Wed 23-Jan-13 09:04:22

Gald she's feeling better today.

Rash is a bit of a red herring in that it's what people look for, but it comes later on in the illness.

A quick check is get her to kiss her knee (neck flexibility) if she can she's probably not got it. If she can't, go to A&E and get her checked.

alwaysworriedtoo Wed 23-Jan-13 08:20:28

Thanks. I actually let her sleep in our bed last night and this morning she is acting very perky though she says her throat hurt a bit when she first woke up and she feels a bit achy and weak. Her headache has gone so I do think its probably what her dad had. I will give her some calpol before school and tell her teacher. Luckily her school is very good about keeping an eye on the children. But if she does get anyworse before school I shall certainly keep her off (I will get a day off as well which always pleases me!) Thanks again. !

BeaWheesht Tue 22-Jan-13 23:39:48

Sounds more like a normal virus to me but keep an eye - try and sleep too though and maybe keep her at home tomorrow.

queenofpuddings Tue 22-Jan-13 22:21:12

keep an eye on her, if showing signs of lethargy and vomiting maybe phone nhs 24.
our oldest got pnemoccaccal meningitis at 13 months with out displaying rash etc
her symtoms were getting very lethargic and vomiting.
i sure everything will be okay

alwaysworriedtoo Tue 22-Jan-13 21:57:37

Just had to write. our d,d said she had a bit of headache this morning calpol seemed to help.On the way to school she said her legs ached a bit. her teacher said she was fine but before bed she said she had a bit of headache again and her neck ached a bit and her body ached a bit. Ive give her calpol for bedtime and checked her temperature and its ok her hands and feet are warm light isnt bothering her and there is no rash. But because she said her neck ached a bit its put me on alert! her dad has been achy recently so its probably just a cold and I must say that reading some of the other stories has made me relax a bit but its horrible isnt it when a bairn gets poorlyish. I know I wont slepp tonight and will drive dh potty by being restless and keeping checking her... I did find the symptoms checker to know what is going on but its lots of symptoms and not all of them will come.. grr a long night methinks.

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