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ds is blinking a lot

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babyrose Tue 22-Jan-13 14:00:12

Ds is 2 and has been blinking a lot recently when watching tv, eating dinner or playing game's his eyes don't hurt I've asked him. He has an app for 30th January. Has anyone had the same experience with their lo's?

weaselm4 Tue 22-Jan-13 14:05:03

Hi, my DS (6) was blinking a lot last summer, and it turned out he needed glasses. It has stopped since he started wearing them.

Hope the appointment goes well.

newyearnewattitude Tue 22-Jan-13 14:07:13

my older ds (13) has been doing this for about a year and when he had his eye test I asked about it, she checked and basically its a tear duct thing in his case and the best way to help is to hold a warm/hot flannel over the eye and sweep away towards the hair (sideways) to help ease up the area....

now getting a 13 year old to do this is a pain but it might be worth trying with your little one before your appointment and see if that helps....

bobkate Tue 22-Jan-13 22:00:55

Hi, my DD,5 almost, worried us recently after developing frequent blinking and also a sort of eye squeeze/squint thing. Bless her, spent the whole nativity blinking and squinting away! She kept saying they weren't hurting but after about 3 weeks she then got poorly with a sickness bug and a throat infection. After she'd got over that I did take her to the opticians, even though by then it had really eased off. The optician said her eyes were fine, but guessed she'd recently been poorly. Said that the tear ducts are often the first thing to go when the immune system is down, and the blinking/squeezing/squinting was her eyes instinctively trying to produce more tears as the ducts had dried up a little. Hope that makes sense!
We are now squint/blink free....until the next bug is lurking around the corner I suppose!

babyrose Wed 23-Jan-13 08:03:47

Thanks for all the replies, ds has a cold at the moment so it probably has something to do with that?
He seems ok otherwise.

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