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Wind, constipation and laxatives

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Musthavetea Mon 21-Jan-13 20:33:51

DD2 is 6 months old. For the last 2 months she has suffered from wind, but only in the evening when she will scream for ages, wriggling and tensing her little body. She also finds it difficult to sleep on her back as she wants to draw her legs up and after night time feeds I would be up with her for nearly 2 hours until she managed to do a number of farts and then she would settle (only to demand another feed about an hour later!). As a result she now sleeps with me at night as she can lie on her side with her knees up and we both get some sleep. Using Infacol has also helped with the wind.
Then about a month ago I started weaning her (EBF until then) and since then she has had trouble going for a poo. She did suffer several weeks of constipation but now she goes but isn't regular and it's sometimes only a small amount.
Anyway, because of her discomfort at night I took her to the doctor who has prescribed Lactolose (for 5 months) as he says at this age she shouldn't be having any trouble doing a poo and should be going easily, at least once, every day.
My concern is if I use a laxative now she'll become dependent on them...
Anyone else had this problem? All thoughts, opinions and experiences appreciated

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