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Can I talk to you about my 8 yr old DD? UTIs etc

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hutchblue Tue 22-Jan-13 10:50:28

Occasionally you can get a clear result with dipstick testing when you do actually have an infection. That happened to me. It doesn't pick up every single type of bacteria. If the symptoms continue, make sure that the urine is sent off for analysis, preferably before you start antibiotics - not always possible, I know.

hutchblue Tue 22-Jan-13 10:40:59

Yes, please do try to remind your DD to go to the loo when she needs to, not to hold it. Holding strains the sphincter more and holds urine in there for longer than necessary, making a UTI, once again more likely.

Also, frequent urination can become a bit of a habit which causes more frequent urination, I would really suggest both of you google all as many terms as possible, like 'stress incontinence', 'frequent urination' 'weak sphincter in the uretha' 'overactive bladder' etc etc. There's also a bladder online help group called there are some really helpful people on there.

One way to make sure when you do go and see a doctor that you get what you want and every test that you want, is by doing everything is can to become as educated as possible in whatever condition you're experiencing - and coming on here is a great way to start that process and going to COB and places such as that are also useful.

With the D mannose, the moment she feels something coming on, you take a level teaspoon. Sometimes, that can be enough to ward off anything further. It's best taken on an empty stomach with enough liquid for it to filter into the bladder, but not so much that the bladder is full really quickly and it's too dilute. Well, that's what works for me...

Also, you can buy dipsticks yourself and start diagnosing much earlier than waiting for a GP appointment

Try here:

Take these in the next time your DD has an infection and ask the doctor or a nurse to teach you how to use them so you know what to look for. It's very simple really, takes a few minutes.

Good luck with it all, really hope you get it sorted.

Harumff Tue 22-Jan-13 09:38:21

Thanks for all the advice, hutchblue, it's really helpful. We've been told some of those things but not all.

The tip on double-voiding sounds like a good one. Rather than going to the toilet many times a day with a weak bladder, I think she actually holds it too long - though with the damp knickers constantly she's obviously not managing to fully hold it that well!
She did have an ultrasound about two years ago but i don't think they checked her voiding - she had to have a full bladder throughout and they checked everything and said it was fine at the time.

She hasn't previously had prophylactic antibiotics but that's the plan this time - a 10 day course now then prophylactic from then until the doctor sees her after her scan results (about 2 months they reckon).

We were also told to give her probiotic yoghurt drinks, cranberry juice (which i'm now doubting!) and to shower her 'bits' daily rather than a bath.

I just hope the antibiotics do the job and i get my spritely girl back!

Faresplease, sorry you're having problems with your DD too, it can get really frustrating at times!

FaresPlease Mon 21-Jan-13 20:41:14

Will be watching this thread with interest. My DD is 6, and has some of the issues u describe OP.

No bed-wetting but I often notice her pants are a tiny bit damp/odour of urine, and she's always sort of 'fixing' herself, adjusting her underwear etc. She'll complain of feeling uncomfortable or 'weird' down below, or sometimes tummy pain. I have had her checked for a UTI before but she was all clear.

She goes to the toilet a MILLION times a day - before we eat dinner,
before a tv programme starts, before we go out to play, before a car
journey no matter how short etc etc, - I'd always put this down to just habit, or simply her personality (likes order, routine, and a bit highly strung!!!) but after seeing this thread I think I'll take her to the doctor again.

hutchblue Mon 21-Jan-13 20:22:36

Oh your poor daughter and you. UTIs are really horrible things.

I have had enough to know how grim it can be.

Just some simple things to run through - perhaps you've already been told but

1) does she 'empty' properly - have you been told that she must empty properly before leaving the loo? There's something called double-voiding that can help where you go the loo and then come back 30 seconds later after a little walk to make sure that everything has come out. Urine sitting in the bladder for long periods through bad voiding can quickly lead to a UTI. Double voiding helps avoid this.

2) has she been put on a prophylactic antibiotic for a period of time to keep the UTIs away? when I had a series of infections, I was put on trimethoprim for 3 months, one every night before sleep so that the bacteria didn't have a chance to grow in my bladder overnight when the urine is sitting there for a long period. When you've had a series of infections, the lining of the bladder, which is covered in a sort of protective slime, gets eroded and then it's very easy for more bacteria to get in. By taking a prophylactic course of antibiotics over a period of months, she allows her bladder lining to heal, thereby making re-infection less likely.

3) Stress test for her sphincter - it sounds like she may have a weak sphincter down below that is leaking urine - but I'm no doctor, it needs checking properly. But that might mean she never really knows when she needs to wee or not as her bladder is never that full? This then becomes tricky with the urine remaining constantly in place and never fully 'gushing' out, which is what washes the bacteria away from the opening of the urethra. This is just my opinion - really needs backing up medically - but it's an idea to. Perhaps you could get her to void and then double void when you know she's recently had plenty to drink, like 1 to 1.5 hours later.

4) something I took which I really recommend and helps with inflammation and bladder infection is waterfall d mannose. It's not cheap, at about £20 a bag. It's probably best to get just one or two bags to begin with. My consultant offered me this or another prophylactic course of antibiotics about 10 years ago. I went for the mannose D. It does help a lot of people - but not everyone.

5) give up acidic fruits and foods. Many people say drink cranberry juice but I don't agree. Just a sniff of the stuff can be enough to give me twinges. It's too harsh for a poorly bladder to cope with, the acid is irritating.

6) mostly it sounds like it's physical. She needs a stress test of some sort to evaluate what's going on - did you have an ultrasound where they checked her voiding?

Really hope this might help and you get to the bottom of it all soon. x

Harumff Mon 21-Jan-13 16:46:32

Hi all, this is my first post but i've been a serial lurker for a while.
I don't have a specific question really, just wanted to get down what's been going on with my DD and see if anyone had any similar experiences.

Right from the start she had 'wee issues' - potty training was a nightmare and she wet the bed frequently til she was about 6. Around age 6 she also had a couple of UTIs and the GP sent us to have an ultrasound to check everything was ok and it was. They also gave us advice on the bedwetting etc and things slowly improved and we had a good year or so when the bedwetting was infrequent and i didn't notice any UTI symptoms (though to be honest she didn't have classic symptoms, e.g. fever, pain on weeing anyway).

Then last year she started having problems again - wetting the bed sometimes a few times a week then sometimes going a few weeks without wetting at all. She also regularly has 'damp' knickers during the day though rarely wets herself fully. The thing that really drew my attention though was the weird smell her wee had so last summer we went back to the GP and they tested and found she had a UTI again.

In the last 6 months she has had 4 positive tests and 4 lots of antibiotics and so got referred back to the hospital for an appointment which was yesterday. The Dr was great in that he has referred her for a renal scan (the type where they inject with a radioactive substance and then take pictures) to see if there's anything causing her problems. The only problem i had with him is I didn't think he was listening to all the other things I was telling him aside from the UTIs and I wanted to know if these were related as she didn't have these symptoms first time round. I guess we'll find out in time if the UTIs are resolved but it's niggling away at me. The other things she has been complaining of in the last 6 months are:
- bouts of tummy pains and feeling but not being sick (usually for a day or two every 3-4 weeks)
- aching legs that make her cry
- sore eyes
- general tiredness and whinginess
- occassional headaches

e.g. on saturday tea-time she started sobbing that she felt 'horrible' with all of the above and was teary for a couple of hours. But then went to bed and was fine all day yesterday. She has an infection at the minute so maybe that's causing it?

Sorry this is long, does this all sound like it's caused by the UTIs to you?

Thanks grin)

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