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9yo DD hormonal and crying all the time

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CocktailQueen Mon 21-Jan-13 22:20:13

I can relate too. A lot of my dd's behaviour is similar. She is weepy and stomps off at the least provocation; she worries and is anxious, has problems falling asleep; needs to know where we will be; obsesses about little things; and I have been wondering if she is starting puberty early. Hugs to your dd. Hope she feels happier soon.

Not sure about visiting the GP. Have you got a book, such as the Usborne book about growing up for girls - that is very good and explains to your dd what's going on - might reassure her. if she feels she's going a bit mad?

minko Mon 21-Jan-13 22:08:45

Many thanks for your thoughts. I do feel sorry for her, I wish I could help. Maybe the doctor can help reassure her that she won't feel like this forever... Though I'm also wondering how long this weepy phase lasts for!!

piratecat Mon 21-Jan-13 13:07:22

I can't answer whether you 'should' take her to the docs, but just to offer support.

My dd started her periods at 9 1/2, only last year. Had become more sad and hormonal, spotty, breasts hurting at age 8. She had an obsessive crush on a band member for about a year before this, she became ridiculous at bed time, making sure what i was going to watch on tv, so that she knew i would be awake, and not go to bed before her. Just became obssesive about things really.
Some of it was emotional insecurity, some of it hormonal i guess.

I think your dd is starting changes, and it may just be genetic too in the way she does things? ie i am a worrier, or sensitive, and so is my dd, and her pop star obsession was a real influx of feelings, which i could relate too. A place to put your attention type thing.

fourbears Mon 21-Jan-13 12:56:10

Just thinking back to when I was nine. I had my first crush on a boy and used to cry about that, because he didn't like me back! And we were nine, what was going to happen?! It was as if I suddenly had too much emotion to fit in my small body, so much love and feeling from somewhere.

I had also just realised that people could die. I used to worry that my parents would die and I would be all alone. Maybe saying she's worrying about her hamster dying is that coming out.

I was also very self-conscious. No doubt all this was driven by hormones and growing up. I started puberty not long after. So lots of love and hugs and understanding for your daughter, which I'm sure you're giving her anyway.

Hope this was a little bit helpful x

minko Mon 21-Jan-13 12:22:03

DD, who is usually a cheerful, chirpy girl is suddenly constantly weepy. To begin with she kept telling me it was because of something at school, or what someone said or worrying her hamster is going to die (!) but now she's realised there isn't a reason, she just feels sad all the time. She needs reassurance and cuddling all the time. She's also not sleeping very well - at the best of times she's an extremely light sleeper - now she just lies in bed crying. I've also noticed she's gone a bit OCD, having to use the loo 15 times before she goes to sleep, touching things weirdly... (I recognise the signs as I was a bit the same way at her age!)

Anyway, I'm sure it's all normal, but I'm worried how this is affecting her school work. She's not very confident academically and this is going to make things worse. Is it worth visiting the doctor? Is there anything he can do???

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