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Hyperthyroidism just been diagnosed in 19month old

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indianrani Wed 23-Jan-13 15:46:13

Sorry to hear about your DS. My son was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 4 weeks after the guthrie test 'heel prick' test. Within a couple of weeks he was put on thyroxine - we got referred to local paed and we also asked for a second opinion with a paed endocrinologist. It was confirmed. We had to crush the tablet and give to him daily. He is now 14 and has grown completely normally. As long as they get the thyroxine then they should have no problems at all. You should get that going asap. Development at this age is crucial. We spent alot of time playing with him in the early years, esp cognitive games. He is academically bright and plays sport and is a normal hormonal teenager! Please try not to worry, once you kick start the thyroxine and there are no other health issues with your DS - he will be fine. Good luck.

digerd Tue 22-Jan-13 21:33:09

When I was diagnosed at 25, years ago, GP told me it was an overactive Thyroid gland. And when my sister years later was diagnosed with the opposite, she was told it was an underactive Thyroid gland. But Hyper is what my whole body and mind was, but Hypo is not a word we can easily associate with.
I was thinking that a tablet must be difficult for a toddler to take. They may have an easier way to administer the Thyroxine for yours.

Yes updating will be very useful for others in the same situation, very thoughtful of you.
Hope his treatment starts as soon as possible.

yummymummy345 Tue 22-Jan-13 21:10:44

Still awaiting letter from Dr and further consultion with endocrine specialist (hence all my questions -feel a little in the dark) but yes it would have been clearer to say under/over active. I will update the thread once started treatment etc to update any others in similar situation ...

digerd Tue 22-Jan-13 09:45:30

It would be much more serious if it were Hyper. The youngest I know was 13 year-old girl. Symptoms are losing weight despite ravenous hunger, rapid pulse, hyper explosive moods, shaking hands and more.
Hypo is much easier to treat, and Thyroxine supplements I have not known to cause any bad side effects. But no experience of babies/toddlers. Dr just has to get the dosage right.
It would have been easier for you if they had said Underactive instead of the medical term Hypothyroidism. I though you had received a letter, and thought it might have been a typing error.
Good luck - he will improve so much once he is taking the Thyroxine but not sure how long it takes with a toddler to see the effects.

narmada Mon 21-Jan-13 23:51:10

It's hypo then, if it needs thyroxine. Hope you get to see doc soon. Let us know what happens

yummymummy345 Mon 21-Jan-13 21:30:54

Ah in that case digerd perhaps it is hypo- was advised by the doctor over the phone so I may not have heard her clearly. It does make sense as she said that he would need treatment with Thyroxine. I am waiting for a letter from the Doctor to confirm all of the details.

Thanks florry88 nice to know that your daughter caught up.. How did you get it confirmed so early (earlier than me ) or late (not picked up at newborn stage)?

digerd Sun 20-Jan-13 20:44:47

Hypo- underactive -is more common than hyper - overactive- as latter speeds everything up and hypo slows everything down. And have heard of the hypo in children but hyper occurs later in late teens early 20s normally.
Hypo - underactive Thyroid- does delay development. Treatment of Hyper - overactive- is with carbimazole tablets to slow it down, radio active iodine and or an operation on the Thyroid. If treatment is with Thyroxine only, then it is Hypo - underactive - not producing enough Thyroid hormone which slows development down.
Are you sure it is Hyper thyroidism - overactive Thyroid and not Hypo- underactive?

florry88 Sun 20-Jan-13 20:10:34

my daughter was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism at 9 months, she was delayed in mainly motor skills but has casught up

yummymummy345 Sun 20-Jan-13 13:16:51

oops it s Hyperthyroidism and signs of which he is displaying are late in gross motor skills and speach (only just crawled at 17 months)

yummymummy345 Sun 20-Jan-13 13:08:58

Thank you for responding Narmada. I can see loads of threads re older people being diagnosed but not a lot regarding children/toddlers etc.

Really helpful to now that your friends little boy was diagnosed but with no long term developmental problems.

Yes I wondered if they had not picked it up from heel prick test but like you say could have just malfunctioned after birth.

Appreciate your response

narmada Sat 19-Jan-13 21:01:52

Oh duh you said - 19 months.... sorry!

narmada Sat 19-Jan-13 21:01:16

How old is your son BTW?

narmada Sat 19-Jan-13 20:59:53

No direct experience but bumping for you.

Is it hyPOthyroidism or hyPER? Eg too much or too little?

I think congenital htpothyroisism screening is included in the heel prick test so I would have thought it would have been picked up then?

Thyroids can malfunction at any age and so maybe there is a possibility your DS's was working fine in v early infancy and has only malfunctioned recently.

Could be wrong but I think if they suspected true congenital hypothyroidism they would have him in like a shot - there would be no waiting around to see consultants? Not a doc tho so I may be wrong.

Hope you not too stressed by it all.

A friend's boy was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at age 3 and he was not developmentally affected- just had poor growth and appetite, and was slowish to walk/ jump/ run.

yummymummy345 Sat 19-Jan-13 13:20:19

Hi there,

I was wondering whether anyone else reading this has had any experience of a child with Hypertyhyroidism ? My son has been back and forth to Gps and consultant for developmental delays and after 2 lots of blood tests, he has had this diagnosis.

As this should have been picked up at newborn test (from what I have read) I am concerned with the delay of him having thyroid medicine (still waiting to see further Dr to prescribe these for him).

Anyone been in a similar situation? what was the outcome in terms of development ? I wonder if this condition is something which could have been missed in the newborn screening?

thank you MNrs

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