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Confused about mesenteric adinitis

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FReaney Fri 11-Jan-13 13:38:24

My 8-year old daughter has had tummy pains for the last 3 weeks. Shes has not opened her bowel naturally since Boxing day. She has lost a considerable amount of weight, on an already slim frame. She has had a full blood count, and urine test which have come back negative.

The pain is like intense spasm that come and go. She was rushed twice to hospital. Our problem is that by the time a doctor finally arrives the symptoms have disappeard and they think this is just drama. In the end they suggested (no test were done to confirm or not the diagnosis) that she had Mesenteric Adinitis.

We have been beside ourselves for the last three weeks, as she is in terrible pain. Nurofen and Calpol make her throw up. She has also missed the first week back at school and we do not want her to fall behind.

Anyone has had a child with MA, without any other symptoms than the tummy pain, loss of appetite and passing no stools? Can MA be diagnosed without doing any test?

cestlavielife Fri 11-Jan-13 16:25:16

sh e maybe has severe constipation did they xray and feel her tummy/bowel?
give her prunes and lot of juice to clear out her bowel or ask gp for child laxative

FReaney Fri 11-Jan-13 16:40:10

She had an XRay on NYE which showed a bowel obstruction and she had to have an enema. But the symptoms came back two days later. We are about to try mild laxative. Will keep you updated.

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