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3 year old been poorly for a week - your opinions please

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2mummies Wed 09-Jan-13 22:40:56

Our bright bubbly cheeky 3.4 yr old dd became poorly exactly a week ago, high temp, shivering, crying/moaning, and begging to go to bed. Like most kids, she's never usually in any rush to get to bed. Despite calpol and nurofen at regular intervals her temp kept rising to 39c in between doses. Slightest runniness of nose, and she said she had a cough (not coughing at all), but can usually mean she has sore throat/cold when she says that. Also, when she got out of bed in the morning (2 or 3 days running) she said she couldn't walk. She could, but it obviously hurt her to. She said her knees hurt.

Took her to docs on Friday as temp was concerning us, doc checked her over in all the usual ways, "she has a virus, keep up with the meds, goodbye", usual.

She improved a bit over weekend, temp settled, and just had coldy symptoms and a bit of tiredness, laid herself on sofa for an afternoon nap, etc., plus was being v difficult and argumentative, which she usually is when she's getting a bit better after a cold.

Sent her to nursery on Monday. Picked her up and she was bright enough but they said she had been a bit teary and her nose was a bit messy. As soon as we got her home she fell asleep on sofa. (She got out of afternoon naps about 8 months ago.)

Last couple of days she's been at home with us, fairly chilled out, only brief trips out. She gets up fairly bright, then goes downhill throughout day, until she's exhausted by 5.30pm (her usual bedtime is about 9pm ~ we have a slightly different schedule to most). We' e had to our her to bed before 7pm the last 3 nights, with her begging to get there.

She's been eating less than usual, and drinking and weeing less (pooing as frequently as normal, but it's normal consistency), but not to extremes.

She's still having sharp differences in temperature. She often says she's cold and shivers, with chattering teeth, whilst her skin is warm. Wants blankets and closeness. But also very sensitive to touch. Complains wildly when I brush her hair, dress her, etc. usual symptoms of sore skin from a temperature maybe?

I think that covers it. We're taking her back to docs in the morning, but I just wondered if anyone has any thoughts? Or if their child is suffering anything similar at the moment? We are going through a hugely stressful time at the moment, selling our home and severely struggling business which we run with my parents, so maybe we're over paranoid, but we can't help being worried about our little sunshine as she's usually pretty hardy.

Smudging Thu 10-Jan-13 18:52:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2mummies Sat 12-Jan-13 11:02:24

Thank you all for your replies, and so sorry to hear of your various troubles. I'm glad to say that the lovely doctor we saw on Thursday diagnosed flu, said that loads of kids have it at the moment. She gave her a good check over, and a ursine sample has been sent off just in case, but thankfully our little girl has been improving ever since the doctors visit, though with lots of snot coming out now!! So fingers crossed she will soon be fully better soon. Hope all mentioned on are making good recoveries too.

Wonderful mumsnet smile

dikkertjedap Sat 12-Jan-13 11:14:06

Great to hear that she seems over the worst. smile

You may want to use saline spray (Sterimar or other saline nasal spray/drops) to help clear her nose and reduce risks of ear infection/throat infection.

AlwaysOneMissing Sat 12-Jan-13 16:45:28

I'm pleased to say that our DS has also started to improve, thank goodness!
He is actually attempting to play for short periods now, so he must be feeling better! I'm pretty sure he had flu too.

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