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Recommendation for Aleppo soap for eczema

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alittleteapot Tue 08-Jan-13 21:54:07

Hi, I just wanted to recommend this. Since starting school the eczema on dd's hands has got much worse, really hard dry skin that stung badly when she used soap. Having been a good hand-washer she became quite phobic about hand-washing because it stung so much, and consequently was often just wiggling her finger tips briefly through the water rather than a proper wash.

I bought some aleppo soap and haven't looked back - after just a couple of weeks her hands are lovely and soft and it doesn't sting her at all so she's much happier washing her hands again. She also has aveeno morning and night but it wasn't penetrating before we switched to the aleppo whereas it is now.

She doesn't have severe eczema I would say but is prone to this very very dry skin on her hands. It's made such a difference I just thought I'd share in case it can help someone else.

Rowzieee Sun 16-Aug-15 19:45:24

Aleppo Olive Oil Soap is just amazing, its so pure and natural, great for dry skin, eczema and other complaints. Smells a little strange to start with but I love it. It has no artificial additives or fragrances so fab for babies.
Its harder to get hold of now since the terrible crisis in Syria, as a lot of factories have been destroyed but there are a few websites still selling the genuine article & its on Amazon. Don't know if I'm allowed to put link on here but there is a brand called Aleppogold, so if you type that into Google you'l find it. I can highly recommend it. Plus it makes a stunning soap gift.

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