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OCD in Children

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Clocito Mon 07-Jan-13 17:33:25

i am starting to worry my ds1 has OCD
ive been to the dr about it already but that was just due to the compulsive toilet trips and i was worried he was diabetic but he tested negative for that but its getting worse and worse. one time he went to pee and i told him to wash his hands and he got in to a an argument about it and so my dh shouted at him so he went back to the bathroom washed his hands
and then had to pee and then rewashed his hands
and then had to pee...i had to go in there to pull him out of his cycle
and also he practically has a panic attack if his shoes aren't tied in this particular way....can anyone help, advise, etc??

sherbetpips Mon 07-Jan-13 20:53:40

My son started doing everything in 3's, stepping up stairs then having to go down one if it didn't make a 3, etc.
We basically did what you are doing and told him that he needed to stop it every single time. When we would here him we would say No strongly and divert him from it. It took a while but it stopped. Good luck.

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