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Dodgy dentist - what should I do?

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Disappearing Sat 05-Jan-13 01:53:00

My DD had a dental abscess a few months ago, and our usual dentist referred her to another clinic to have a tooth extracted. She's 7 y.o. which is why our dentist referred her, as they don't routinely do extractions or major work on children. We see our own dentist quite regularly as DD has 2 fillings which sometimes come out and need replacing, it was one of these 2 teeth that needed extracting as there had been some decay under the filling.

I wasn't happy with the dentists at the other clinic, for various reasons, the most serious being that they wanted to give DD a further 8 fillings (!!!), which I felt were not needed, I've since seen 2 other dentists that have confirmed my suspicions, all DD's other teeth are just fine, no further fillings are needed. Just the remaining one filling needed 'topping up' as it was a bit worn.

My other complaints with these other dentists include - impossibly long waiting times (DD had to wait for 3 months for the extraction due to abscess, all the while she had pus in her gums!); they strung out the treatment e.g. they had proposed to do the fillings one at a time, so over 8 further appointments ( to avoid her being stressed they advised this); one time when we were 5 mins late they refused to see her, even though there was at least 15 mins left of her appointment (poss even 25 mins left I don't know if appt was for 20 or 30 mins), plus other minor gripes.

It was after they refused to see her that one time I discharged her from their care and took her back to our own dentist, I'm so glad now I did.

We were seen on the NHS, though this other clinic is run by a private company who presumably is paid by the NHS, on our behalf.

So now I want to complain, but I'm not sure who to complain to. I don't even know who manages this other clinic, or who ultimately pays for the treatment. What would you do?

beautifulgirls Sat 05-Jan-13 09:27:41 Take a read here and it should point you in the right direction.

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