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Sore under chin and round neck

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Nevercan Mon 31-Dec-12 20:20:00

My dd2 1.5 has a red bumpy rash under her chin and just down onto her chest. I thought It was dribble rash so applied bepanthen regularly but had no effect. I am now wondering if it is eczema but have tried e45 cream and dermacream which makes it a bit better but I just can't shift itI put a soft bib round her neck during the day to try and protect it a bit. Any suggestions of any other creams I can try or if it is not eczema bu something else? She has no other sore patches anywhere on her body..

Ruthchan Mon 31-Dec-12 22:32:30

It's a slightly strange suggestion in December, but could it be heat rash?
Small children often get damp and hot under the chin and it can cause red bumpy rashes.
If you think it might be that, some baking powder in water, dabbed on with a cloth can really help.

UsedToBeAPixie Wed 09-Jan-13 22:36:44

I've just taken DS to the gp today with similar. I thought it was dribble rash as he's teething like a monster at the moment. He has a little dry patch behind his knee as well that I thought was chafing (he has rolls....) - which apparently is a dead give away that it's baby eczema. We'd been using E45 as well and it didn't help, so I had assumed it wasn't eczema. We've been given a heavy duty emollient, something to add to his bath (and told to stop Johnsons baby bath) and a short blast of hydrocortisone cream to blast it with.

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