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4 year old with sore feet

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3ForMe Mon 31-Dec-12 07:18:41

Our eldest dc has episodes of this with his feet-only ever in the middle of the night for a few years.

It started at about 3 years old.

I've put it down to growing pains.

I looked it up a while back and I remember reading that growing pains are more prominent/occur more at night. Dr said similar. Was v distressing for our dc at times and was in tears. The only thing that seemed to help was me rubbing and massaging feet. Still occasionally gets them but not as frequently.

Hope it stops soon for your dd.

likecherrycola Sun 30-Dec-12 20:07:37

Looking for some advice ,for nearly two
weeks now my daughter has been complaining of sore feet , at
first I put it down to laziness or her imagination but
she keeps saying they hurt and its been that bad that
she's refusing to leave the house even bribes of play area or park aren't working , normally can't keep her in , I've googled it and getting mixed answers
some sites saying not normal others saying its
normal , thought it might be growing pains but the pain
only seems to be at night or when wearing shoes /
socks phoned doctor few days before Xmas and first
appointment can get is Thursday , any advice greatly appreciated , I know it's probably nothing but I'm very
worried now , she's usually running about mad on the
go all the time sad she had viral infection which "ended"
about 2 weeks ago , not sure if its connected , thanks for reading

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