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Four year old with sore eyelid

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PeppermintCreams Fri 28-Dec-12 22:00:43

My DS has had sticky eyes (looks like snot stuck on his eye lashes) on and off since he was born. Nowadays it's just when he's got a bad cold it effects his eyes as well. He's got a cold at the moment and sticky eyes with it.

The past couple of days one of his eyelids is red and sore. I've been bathing it with cool boiled water and cotton wool, and it's not improving. I'm not keen on putting anything else on his eyelid as it's such a delicate area. If I was to take a guess at what it is, I would say it was like dribble rash where it's been constantly wet? The actual eye is fine, just the skin on his eyelid.

Any suggestions?

I'm going to take him to the our of hours doctor tomorrow, I think, as it can't wait till Monday/after the new year.

mousebacon Fri 28-Dec-12 22:32:07

Hi, could it be blepharitis? It's treatable with chloramphenicol - the same drops you would get if he had conjunctivitis.

Blepharitis is quite painful and it can make the eye area red and swollen looking.

I think the gp is a good idea but if you can't get an appointment, you can buy the drops over the counter.

PeppermintCreams Sat 29-Dec-12 09:10:03

Thank you. I looked it up, and I don't think it's that. It's not the rims of his eyelid, just the skin that's sore.

We'll see what the doctors says.

mousebacon Sat 29-Dec-12 16:25:55

Hope he's on the mend soon x

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