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someone please talk to me and help me to stop worrying about this

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TrazzleMISTLEtoes Fri 04-Jan-13 23:31:25

Totally delighted for you and DS thrifty

MammyKaz Thu 03-Jan-13 18:15:17

That is great news Thrifty. It's always scary when no answers are immediately at hand & naturally we start considering the worst. Very happy you can relax now

thriftychic Wed 02-Jan-13 21:54:04

thankyou so much everyone for all the good wishes . i am so relieved and happy to report that there doesnt seem to be anything seriously wrong with ds2 .
i couldnt fault them at the hospital yesterday they were brilliant , the doctor could feel and see the apparent swelling at the front and the lymph node at the side of his neck and was a bit perplexed by it , got another doctors opinion and then the lovely nurse took us to the ultrasound department whilst he was scanned . they found no tumours or anything , they could see the lymph node was up but said that sometimes that just happens , should go down soon and probably the prominant sticky out bit under his adams apple must just be how he is , that because hes 13 , very skinny and changing rapidly , its become noticable . they have done another blood test to be safe aswell.
i cant tell you how happy i was in that ultrasound room ! i really thought the worst especially after the look on the face of my gp when he had been examining ds2 . i have never been so worried before .
so it just goes to show that quirky things can all point to the worst and be absolutely nothing !
thanks once again everyone

minmooch Tue 01-Jan-13 09:00:24

Hope everything went ok at the appointment yesterday Thrifty

minmooch Fri 28-Dec-12 17:03:31

Thrifty I did not mean to panic you more. I meant that if your DS seems well enough in himself and the Drs are happy to wait until Monday to see him then try not to worry. It would only be if you saw a drastic deterioration in him but that would be the same for any child.

thriftychic Fri 28-Dec-12 15:12:48

thankyou , ds2 is not in the slightest worried , i havent let on that it could be anything bad. tbh hes had a lot of hospital appointments in his life , for things like epilepsy , immune deficiency etc and hes never interested just wants to get out as fast as he can . he just said hes fine and why the hell are you taking me to the doctors . i told him its just to make sure nothing is wrong and he asked no more questions.

MammyKaz Fri 28-Dec-12 15:01:14

You've done the best thing in getting him to GP & they're dealing with it. I know it's terribly frightening not knowing what's going on & the test & waiting phase is equally so. Try to breathe & keep your focus. It could be many things, I know we immediately jump to worst case scenario but try to do it in a positive way i.e. build a list of questions around your worries. If you don't understand any of the explanations ask until you do. I find diagrams easier to understand when it's a bit medical.

How is DS? Is he aware, also worried? Are you/he prepared for full discussion at the appointment? You probably need to talk a bit about what will happen such as possibly more tests etc.
Be prepared you may not get many answers Monday but do ask what can be immediately ruled out or in.
Holding your hand Hun & hoping for the best

thriftychic Fri 28-Dec-12 12:27:45

thanks ,
minmooch why do you mention breathing and balance ?

Sabriel Fri 28-Dec-12 12:14:31

Of course you are feeling anxious. It does sound like they think it's serious but at least he will be seen quickly and you will have an answer. It may be nothing but they have to act quickly. Think how much worse you'd feel with a long wait.

Fingers crossed for you. Have you got somebody to go with you on Monday? I find I don't take it all in.

minmooch Fri 28-Dec-12 12:13:13

It may be nothing. But I am afraid there is nothing you can do to stop worrying until you have your appointment. The good news is they are waiting until Monday - it may seem frighteningly quick but they could also have bought him in today to start tests.

It could be glands, thyroid or other things. It would be impossible as a parent to not worry so don't be too hard on yourself. Try distraction of any sorts - back to back films anything to stop your mind from wandering. Do not google anything - wait until you have a diagnosis.

But keep an eye on your DS if you are at all worried about his breathing or balance then take him straight toA&E.

I hope that your fears are unfounded but here to hold a hand.

thriftychic Fri 28-Dec-12 11:53:10

ds2 (13) has been urgently referred to the hospital , i think cancer is suspected and i am terrified.

i took him to the gp with a swelling in his neck , underneath his adams apple. i also thought he may have lost weight but hasnt been weighed for 18 months so not sure if hes just grown upwards iyswim as he has gone very tall and skinny despite eating lots.
he had a blood test to check his thyroid and other stuff. something in the test came back abnormal . he also has a small pea sized lump at the side of his neck . The gp got on to the hospital straight away yesterday and also spoke to another doctor about him. they have just phoned to say he has an appointment at the hospital on super quick !

i have a terrible gut feeling about this but i am prone to being anxious. i am trying my best to keep calm but my stomach is churning and i am snapping at everyone .
please tell me something positive

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