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Clammy baby...

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Thumbwitch Fri 28-Dec-12 09:55:18

I'm a bit worried about DS2. He's 11wo and we live in Australia (this is relevant for the temperature issue) and over the last couple of weeks I've noticed he has been quite clammy some days. This goes with a need to feed a lot and general whinginess, although not all the time.
The temp here has been up and down, ranging from too hot to move so needing air con/fans on in the house, to needing jumpers and jeans again (Boxing Day) - so I don't know if it's purely an ambient temp issue or whether I should be worried!

I've googled (yes I know) and seen the relationship to SIDS and heart troubles, so will have to take him to the doc next week, I think, just to set my mind at ease.

DS1 was a BIG sweater but not cold sweats; he used to sweat when he was hot, massively, and DS2 does this as well - but DS1 didn't get clammy. But then we were in the UK when DS1 was born so didn't have the ambient temp control issues that I'm suffering from now.

Any ideas? Anyone else's baby get clammy?

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