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How long for anti-b's to start working?

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LonelyLinda Fri 28-Dec-12 21:05:49

Hi there, yes I would definitely get her checked. My DS started antibiotics xmas eve for a chest infection and then on christmas day temp started spiking at 39.8 so took him to gp unit at 8am boxing day and he had a secondary infection of tonsilitis. Luckily the antibiotics he was on would help this but had it been something else then i might have needed stronger antibiotics for him iyswim so absolutely definitely worth taking her back to have her rechecked. it could be a secondary infection.

BeaWheesht Thu 27-Dec-12 17:51:20

Yes I'd get her checked. We have always been told if no improvement especially with temp within 48 hours to get kids reassessed.

Don't worry about the 4 since aeptember though - when ds started school last year in the autumn term he had 2 cheat infections 1/2 ear infections, 2 tummy bugs, chickenpox and slapped cheek. It's just their immune systems building up. hmm

MrsWhirling Thu 27-Dec-12 17:21:26

DD was seen by the GP on Xmas Eve (three days ago) as I was concerned that a cough she had since her last bout of illness a month before (GP said that was viral) This time GP said she had swollen glands and puss on one of her tonsils. He also wanted to treat her cough and gave her anti biotics (Erythromycin) and wants to see her again when the course is complete. Three days on she is still as poorly as she was - High temp which seems to spike in the evenings, coughing and generally unwell with a blocked nose and red eyes. Do you think I should take her back to the GP tommorow? This is at least her fourth bout of illness with high temp since she started reception in September.

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