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I think my 4yro dd has a cold sore, and I'm gutted.

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RillaBlythe Thu 27-Dec-12 09:59:03

I once heard a v sad story about a baby who died because the mother got the virus during labour - think that was it - finer points confused in my memory but it definitely included cold sore virus not previously had. Ever since then I've been relieved that I get cold sores & that both my daughters have had them. I just put Vaseline on.

sonsmum Thu 27-Dec-12 09:53:10

My DD gets them and she's 2. DH gets them at times too. DD's appear when she is run down and a little ill. So yes, like your DD, looks like they both have the virus which will reappear at times during their life...and they will learn to deal with it (there are worse things to have!)
I don't put zovirax on it. Think that is probably meant for adults. I put a bit of sudocream on it and it dries it up in a few days.

billyog Wed 26-Dec-12 21:49:05

I've suffered from them all my life. I've been super cautious when I have one, no kissing, rigorous handwashing etc but alas, tonite it looks like dd has one (even though I haven't had one for a few months)
Is that it then?? Does she have THE VIRUS? Will it lay dormant somewhere, only to raise its very ugly head at inopportune moments like 'holidays' and 'first dates'. Should I put zoviarax on it?
Anyone any experince or ideas, greatly recieved.

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