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Wheezing into 2013 - Support thread for parents of asthmatics

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Sirzy Wed 26-Dec-12 14:19:15

As the old thread is filling up I thought I would get a new one started!

This thread is for anyone with a child with asthma, or asthma type symptoms. Between us we have to much experience of inhalers, nebulisers, steroids, sats and all things asthma!

Sirzy Sat 09-Feb-13 20:25:19

Hope it all goes well on Tursday Ali x

alibobins Sun 10-Feb-13 18:40:39

How is ds today Sirzy

Sirzy Mon 11-Feb-13 08:50:13

getting better, still coughing a lot though and wheezier than I would have liked. Just had his last dose of pred so will see how he goes now.

Sirzy Tue 12-Feb-13 09:17:45

hope all goes ok today ali x

cedmonds Tue 12-Feb-13 14:32:48

Hope it goes ok today Ali

alibobins Tue 12-Feb-13 14:56:06

Hes all done op went really well ds2 is in some pain but sleeping.

Sirzy Tue 12-Feb-13 14:58:24

Glad it went well

lifeistooshort Tue 12-Feb-13 15:05:49

Hi all

I post very occasionally (the thread moves too quickly for me to post regularly!) as my 2 DSs have asthma too. I was thinking of buying a paediatric oxymeter for DS1 and was wondering if anyone uses them/would be able to recommend a brand to me. Also I was wondering what is normal in terms of oxygen range for little ones and what is not and at which point do you start to worry. Thanks in advance.

I hope all the little ones on this thread are keeping well

DizzyHoneyBee Tue 19-Feb-13 08:42:31

Thanks for the link Sirzy, just marking my place. I know I don't post here much, I don't tend to get the time except in school holidays but it's such a useful thread.

lollipoppi Tue 19-Feb-13 09:11:22

Hi all, just checking in to see how everybody is doing, all seems to be quiet on this thread at the moment..... Hopefully that's a good sign that everyone is ok smile

Life I've not bought one of those yet, I fear I will use it waaaayyy too much!! But normal stats should be around 86-100% it all seems to vary depending on which hospital your at but when DS is on oxygen its because his stats are below 92% - DS always drops his stats when his asleep x

Sirzy Tue 19-Feb-13 09:38:48

DS still isn't right, needing lots of ventolin seems to have perked up a bit in the last few days though so hopefully that continues others it will be back to the GP I think.

DizzyHoneyBee Tue 19-Feb-13 10:19:12

Sorry to hear that Sirzy.
Life, I haven't bought one either so no idea they are any good.
DS has gone on seretide, that seems to be working well - he went and swam 1/2 a mile in 25 minutes after being on it for a week. He needed his blue the next time he swam though but he had a cold.

Moanyjoni Thu 28-Feb-13 08:41:18

Hello all. Lurked here and in the other thread and you have such a wealth of experience. I am fast learning how to manage dd's asthma, but as you know, it's a steep old learning curve.

Dd is 3, diagnosed last winter after 3 hospital admissions and we seemed to be doing better this year. Clenil put up to 400mg a day and a course of pred and anti-bs from the gp saw us through Christmas. Then last week we rushed her into a and e and she had back to back Nebs; a course of pred and singulair started. Sent home and slowly weaning ventolin down from 10/ 4 hours. All pretty standard. Fast forward 5 days and she has a major relapse. Ambulance called from gp's - gp gave her 30mg of pred while we waited. Back to back Nebs in hospital and she's stable again. They decided against anymore pred and are discharging us with no changes to med having successfully treated the acute attack.

My concern is another relapse in a few days once the initial dose of pred wears off. Last time she had her last dose of pred thurs and relapsed tues. Obviously I am going to be extra vigilant about how often she needs her ventolin, but as we are an hour away from the nearest a and e it worries me.

Sorry - long post, probably just needed to get it off my chest. Does anyone have any insight into why a relapse like that happens? No one seems to be able to tell me. Thanks for your input. Hope all your LO's are well at the moment. thanks Joni xx

Sirzy Thu 28-Feb-13 11:41:50

Ds has needed 2 course of pred a few times to clear it.

Has she had a chest X-ray to rule out infection?

Moanyjoni Thu 28-Feb-13 21:38:16

Thanks for replying Sirzy.

She had an X-ray and they've sent us home with anti-biotics, even though the Doctor said she couldn't say definitively that she had an infection. Still, if there is anything, that should clear it up.

We're home now. No steroids, but a clear treatment plan. In retrospect, signs that a relapse was imminent were there. I think we just need to be braver about seeking treatment as soon as she starts to need more ventolin. We're too afraid to make a fuss, and that led to being blue lighted through rush hour traffic on Tuesday. More fuss required!!

Do think she has a tendency to react very well to the pred initially but can relapse after a 3 day course. That happened last year and the GP picked up on it and prescribed a 5 day course instead, which did the trick. Consultant was adamant no more pred this time though. I hope he's right!

Fingers crossed we are over the worst this time and she'll continue to be well into spring.

Hope your ds is well, he's 3 too, isn't it? So horrible having little ones so ill.

Thanks thanks Joni x

Moanyjoni Thu 28-Feb-13 21:56:20

"He's 3 too, isn't it?" Sounds bizarrely welsh! I'm not welsh, and I meant "he's 3 too, isn't he?" obviously! Apologies!

Sirzy Thu 28-Feb-13 21:59:48

hope she feels better soon

Its so hard to know when to seek help isn't it. I always try to stick it out at home for as long as possible but am getting better at going in early. I now work on if he needs more than 5 puffs of ventolin in the space of 4 hours he needs checking over which seems to work pretty well for him.

* touch wood * all is pretty calm here at the moment, he had a bad attack 2 weeks ago but today has been playing in the garden happily and only needed 2 extra puffs which is good.

Altinkum Fri 01-Mar-13 20:03:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Altinkum Fri 01-Mar-13 20:10:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Altinkum Fri 01-Mar-13 20:10:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

RavenVonChaos Sun 03-Mar-13 22:00:40

HI all, can I join? Have just spent 2 days in hospital with my 7 year old and its all out of the blue really. She has been a happy wheezer, only ever getting a bad chest with a cold and rarely. She has only needed hospital treatment once over a year ago, no admission tho. She was really bad on friday, and because I had never been told the correct way to manage it, I was giving her too many puffs of ventolin, but not spacing them out with 10 seconds in between. Feel such a dick and a failure to be honest. Anyway after watching her struggle on friday, but thinking that she just needed a good nights sleep and would be okay. But up all night FRiday and then I just took her to A and E at 7am on Saturday. Ended up admitting her and giving pred and then IV magnesium and 10 x ventolin every 2 hours. I was shocked actually at how bad she was. Feel very guilty about it, and why I felt we should just soldier on. Now I have a leaflet that clearly explains when I should take her to the hospital and I will never leave it so long again.

Happy to say that she is absolutely fine now and I have calmed down. I was glad to out all about Asthma properly, and feel more confident in actually understanding that my daughter does suffer from Asthma, but not all the time. We have never seen the GP for this, as she has only ever been to the hospital on a couple of rare occasions.

Thanks for reading if you have got this far. I do feel like I have found the missing piece to the jigsaw after this weekend.

Sirzy Sun 03-Mar-13 22:03:08

Altkin - hope your DS is better now.

raven - don't feel bad, if you hadn't been shown how to use them properly then you can't be blamed for not knowing. Hope she feels better soon.

RavenVonChaos Sun 03-Mar-13 22:24:44

Thanks Sirzy. Sorry for my incoherent post! have just re-read it. I met another mum on the ward who has a child who is, what I would term, "proper asthmatic" and even she said that she missed the symptoms and put it down to tiredness etc etc. She ended up arriving in an ambulance.

She is fine now thanks. Now I just need a good night sleep!

knackeredmother Sun 03-Mar-13 23:03:28

Hi all, I started the thread before this one that filled up. I have followed this thread but haven't posted as I find dealing with a constantly sick ds too much and when he is well I just want to forget about it. I hope that doesn't sound awful.
My ds was admitted for the first time at. 8 weeks old then every 2-4 weeks for 2 years after that. He is now 3 and 3 months and has been on azithromycin 3 times per week, monteleukast and steroid inhaler for almost 2 years. He hasn't had an overnight admission for a year now and this week his respiratory professor has stopped all but the monteleukast.
I hope this may give somebody some hope that things can improve. When ds had 10 courses of pred in 1 year I honestly could not ever see things improving.
He has a cold now so fingers crossed we make it through, I still get the heartsinking fear when a cold starts.
Hope all your little ones are breathing easily tonight.

butterfingerz Mon 04-Mar-13 12:51:25

Raven, don't feel bad, my sister had severe asthma as a child then it disappeared from about 7 onwards. However it flared up a couple of times in her 20s and 30s but her attacks are so rare, when they do come shes already forgotten how to deal with them! And she's an adult.

If youve never had a concrete diagnosis of asthma for your dd and was unsure when faced with an asthma attack, well its a learning curve and at least you have the right information to deal with it now.

Did you have a follow up with the gp, might be worth seeing if they have an asthma clinic so she can have a checkup every now and then.

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