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Whooping Cough?

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missnevermind Tue 25-Dec-12 01:46:30

Bea thank you. I read this at 5 this morning while up with one of the others, intended to thank you and the day ran away from me.

We all have had Noro this week, so he was rough but has bounced back from that. You saved me from having to decide to go to the doctors on Christmas Eve. At least I feel more confident about sitting and waiting to see how it develops. I wasnt sure if it was the sort of thing that had to be dealt with as soon as the thought passed your mind or if I had the time to think about it.

Merry Christmas to you.

BeaWheesht Mon 24-Dec-12 04:37:23

Yes the immunisation isn't always effective and quite often immunised people still get it just in a milder form.

Afaik antibiotics only help if given in initial part of illness shut I'm not 100% on that.

Coughs do linger though - how is he otherwise?

WC is called 100 day cough for a reason tho. confused

missnevermind Mon 24-Dec-12 00:31:52

Can DS nearly 4 have whooping cough if he is up to date on all his injections?

He was ill 2 or 3 weeks ago, just a general bug type thing, took him a while to get over it was tired easily that type of thing. He still has the cough, it sounds really odd.

He doesn't do the whoop thing but if you google it a lot of the incidents don't. And its not a wracking cough that lasts for 10 mins at a time. But he doesn't sound right.

I googled a bit and there is a sound bite that has the cough without the whoop and to me they sound the same.

But it might be just a cough.

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