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threadworm, please reassure me!

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blondefriend Thu 27-Dec-12 21:41:49

Sorry no reply over Christmas, hope it went well.

My kids have had this a couple of times. I think it just happens. The worms will take a while to be killed and pass through and their life cycle means that it is essential to make sure you give the second dose a fortnight later.

craptastic Mon 24-Dec-12 11:20:14

I know its christmas eve and everyone is busy but if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it so much!

craptastic Sun 23-Dec-12 20:22:11

My 5 year old has threadworm, and took an ovex tablet friday morning. Whilst the itching has now lessened, Ive just checked her to find two worms, still alive. Does this mean the tablet hasnt worked or does it take a while for them to die?

Its only been a few days but Im so stressed. Ive done everything Im supposed to to stop re infection and we've all been treated and keeping hands clean at all times, but my festive cheer has all but disappeared. Meant to be spending christmas with the rest of my family, other kids included and worried about spreading it!

Please advise!

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