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Wobbly tooth help please - it's Vampire Style!

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TwoDividedByZero Sun 23-Dec-12 19:42:32

My seven year old has so far lost four teeth. The fifth (an important one - one of his top front two) has been very loose for about two months now, hanging on by a string I would say for all that time!

He won't let me near it but today I managed to have a little feel and realised the reason it is sticking out at its spooky angle is that it has now twisted round on itself.

I'm happy to leave nature to run its course but does anyone know whether a loose tooth being in for too long can cause a problem with the new tooth coming through?

I may visit or ring his dentist after Christmas but would be grateful for any experiences anyone can share as I don't know whether I have 'permission to panic' or not!

Willdoitinaminute Thu 27-Dec-12 18:15:49

If it is as loose as you say then no problem to unerupted tooth. He will eventually get fed up and remove it himself. Perhaps try ice cream or ice cube against it then get him to push it using a tissue.
My DS now uses the twist very slowly until it comes out method. The alternative is going into work with mum where she will remove it for him.

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