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Bright red blood from penis - what could it be?

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scarletcrossbones Thu 13-Dec-12 12:13:29

DS (7) has been getting a little bit of blood in his pee for a few weeks now. Just been to doc for the second time and an infection has been ruled out, so it's now a referral to the hospital for ultrasound on bladder and kidneys. It's only a small amount of blood, just staining his pants, but this morning I wiped a couple of bright red spots after he'd had a pee. He seems fine in himself but needless to say, I'm worried. Has anyone experienced this or know what it could be? I didn't really want to ask too much in the docs, with DS sitting there ... Thank you.

MaMattoo Tue 01-Jan-13 23:32:59

Dont know if this helps, but in my experience blood in urine with no fever generally indicates stones.
Your poor child, any pain??
Kidney stones are uncomplicated at most times but can be painful if not treated.
Take care!!

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