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Should I keep DD2 off school tomorrow?

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unlucky67 Sun 09-Dec-12 11:13:36

Last Sunday DD2 (almost 6 yo) threw up 4 times -last vomit at about midnight.
And last couple of vomits just the water she'd been drinking. Kept her off school Mon and Tue (even though she seemed fine) and she returned Wed. Hadn't fed her for 24 hrs, then have been giving her just carbs/plain rice, limited dairy and lots of fluids. But had school dinners on the school days.
She's very independent and goes to loo on her own.
On Thur I happened to catch her on the loo after school and her bowels were a bit loose - she said she hadn't been to the loo after her sickness (but this is a 6 yr old talking) - and then she said she had something Indian and spicy for her school lunch I wasn't really surprised not the best thing to eat when regaining normal eating and bowel function...she went to school on Friday
When she got home she had one really watery diarrhoea- (felt really guilty about her being in school blush) - she has been at home every since...and eating just very plain carbs, no fats and drinking water...
(We have all been ill - DH - just Wednesday - chronic diarrhoea - I have felt really queasy fro a week now (started when DD2 was first sick -but thought due to scrapping Sunday dinner sick off the carpet!) DD1(11) sick once on Fri pm -fine every since...)
No more poo on Fri but two times yesterday -all a bit watery...none yet today and she seems fine otherwise - now not sure if this is still the bug or just that she hasn't really eaten properly for a week and her digestive system is trying to sort itself out? Today I am just going to feed her properly ...obviously within reason
Assuming no incidents today - should I keep her off school tomorrow?

GoldMyrrhAndNonsense Sun 09-Dec-12 11:53:19

If she isn't sick and has a relatively normal bowel movement (if at all), I would send her in. Is she complaining of stomach aches or cramps or feeling bloated? If that we're the case, I would probably keep her at home for another day. Whatever it is that's doing the rounds is nasty! My DS is off school today and he never has days off (we're in the Middle East so a normal week day here). He's been asleep for 2 hours, unheard of during the day.

ISeeThreadPeople Sun 09-Dec-12 12:00:45

It's 48hrs from the last incident of diarrhoea. So no more diarrhoea between now and tomorrow morning and she seems well, I'd send her in.

They recommend btw that you feed an ordinary diet. They no longer advise the BRAT diet. You don't need to limit or give bland food as it doesn't aid recovery or shorten the illness. It's best to give them what they want (within reason obviously) and go with the appetite they have.

unlucky67 Sun 09-Dec-12 12:10:09

Oh didn't know that about the diet - is that now true for food poisoning too?
(remember having salmonella, feeling terrible but starving and feeling guilty for nibbling bits of dried white bread...when I wasn't sitting on loo!)

She seems to have an appetite - and not complaining of sore I'll see how she goes...

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