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Sleepy toddler?

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ihearttc Wed 05-Dec-12 12:43:59

Am trying very hard not to worry but am getting more and more concerned about my just turned 2 year old DS. He was sick saturday night and then twice on sunday. Seemed well enough in himself but off food as to be expected. DH came home from work monday after being sick, then DS1 was sick monday afternoon and then me all night monday so am assuming its sick bug but nobody apart from me had upset stomach.

DS2 hasn't been sick since sunday but is really not himself. Still isn't eating at all and yesterday didn't hardly drink anything (resorted to syringing 10ml of water into him every couple of minutes) as soon as anything goes near his mouth he goes mental. I managed to get him to drink 4oz of milk this morning and feed him a weetabix (he didn't have enough energy to do it himself) and he has had some water but he is so so sleepy. He literally can't keep his eyes open which is unheard of for him.

DH took him to GP yesterday as I couldn't (was still being sick!) and they said his throat was slightly inflammed but nothing to worry about and that it was a virus to keep an eye on him but Ive never seen him this still.

Any suggestions? Id go back to GP again but have obviously still got DS1 off school as not allowed back yet and don't think they'd appreciate 2 more contagious people sitting in the waiting room.

MoonlightMerrimentandMistletoe Wed 05-Dec-12 22:54:48

I'd say definitely go back to GP. Is he drinking enough though? Could be he's lethargic as a result of that too.

Small child here hasn't eaten properly since last Friday (until this morning, maybe only a bite of something here or there - even refused ice-cream at some points) - similar to your DS a sore, slightly swollen, throat is involved.

GP said basically no issue as long as fluid intake remained good and to give Neurofen if in obvious discomfort. Looks like a corner has finally been turned today though consumed a small lunch today (but no supper sad).

Hope DS2 (and DS1) recover fully soon.

BeaWheesht Wed 05-Dec-12 23:29:48

I'd get him seen again if only to check for signs of dehydration.

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